Recovering Exchange EDB files using reliable software

Your data might be in danger if the database is corrupted or damaged. There can be various reasons behind corrupting an Exchange EDB file, and users need to look for a professional Exchange database recovery tool to do this task. Moreover, users must ensure they need to act as soon as possible; otherwise, it can harm other data.

This write-up will share detailed information on a best practice for conducting the recovery of the Exchange database file. Moreover, we will also discuss the limitations of the manual method in performing the Exchange mailbox recovery procedure. So, read this write-up to the end and learn how to implement this recovery task.

Some common causes behind EDB file corruption

Behind this task, there can be various reasons. Here, we will share a few common reasons behind the corruption; read the points below to know them.

  • Sudden power failure is one of the main reasons users face corruption in their Exchange database files.
  • In case you are dealing with hardware issues, this can also affect your Exchange database, and users need to perform the Exchange database recovery process to make the EDB file healthy.
  • If the EDB file is bigger, this is also one of the causes behind the corruption of the Exchange database file.

Besides these reasons, users may face other issues due to which their EDB file gets corrupted. We will share the Exchange database recovery solutions to get the corruption-free EDB file to work fluently.

Ways to fix the corrupt Exchange database file

Users can use two methods to complete the Exchange mailbox recovery task: manual and professional. The manual offers various tricks to solve this corruption, and Eseutil is one of them. Microsoft provides this utility to the Exchange users to resolve the corruption issue.

However, this utility can only able to recover the minor corruption issue from the Exchange database file. Users also need good technical skills to handle the manual procedure for completing the Exchange database recovery procedure. New users should avoid the manual method to achieve this recovery task.

This utility can repair a single EDB file of a limited size at a time. Moreover, if the file is severely corrupted, you must try another solution to do this task. This utility has no pause or resume option, so if the process stops, you need to restart the process. Users cannot select the particular items from the EDB file to recover.

Hence, we recommend users to use the professional third-party software to complete this task. The next section will share about reliable software to accomplish this task.

The best software to recover Exchange EDB file

To complete this task in a simplified way, users can use the Shoviv Exchange Database Recovery Tool. Users will be able to process various and large-sized EDB files at once using this tool. Moreover, the folder structure and the integrity of emails remain the same even after completing the recovery procedure. This software also allows users to select the items to process into the target using the date and folder basis. Furthermore, it offers a simple user interface, allowing users to process the Exchange database recovery process easily.

Users can save the recovered data in various file formats, such as PST, MSG, HTML, vCard, etc. This tool is proficient in recovering the entire data from the corrupt Exchange database file without affecting a single item. Moreover, this software also allows users to move the EDB files directly into the Office 365 account in a minimal time. The working procedure of this solution is as easy as a cakewalk; even new users can perform the Exchange mailbox recovery task in one click. Users can also try its free demo version to get more details on this tool.

Summing Up

We have learned about the limitations of the manual method and a reliable Exchange database recovery tool to complete this task effectively. Users can easily use this software even if they need better technical knowledge. Moreover, it allows users to process multiple EDB files in a single go without any size restrictions. Users can also try its free demo version in their system to check how this tool works and its stepwise working procedure.

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