What You Should Know About Disability Law

The world of disability law is complex. There are many different facets. The variables range from how disabled a person is, how much are they able to work, all the way to if they are able to prove their case or not.

The Social Security Administration has an entire branch devoted to helping disabled people meet their financial needs. However, in a world where there are people trying to “game” the system, they have to be extra careful in who they approve. Unfortunately, this selection process can leave out people really need disability help but were unable to prove they need it.

They most likely went into the process thinking all they needed was a note from their Doctor. However, this is incorrect. We asked Maria, a disability attorney in Melbourne Florida, what it takes to win a disability case. She said that building a case from the start of your disability over time is the very best way. “Documenting all of your doctors visits and expert opinions is the best way. You are literally building a case like you would in any other type of law.” said Maria.

Hiring a disability attorney increases your chances of getting approved by 40%. That is a very big number when you are talking about gaining access to money you will need to survive. Disability attorneys get a cut of that money over time and the total they can receive is legally capped.

Who Needs to Apply?

If you have a physical disability, like one caused by a car accident, or a degenerative disease, you should talk to an attorney about a possible case. If you are struggling to meet your financial responsibilities because you are physically or mentally unwell, you should pursue this course of action.

It is important to understand that you only get one appeal if you are denied. So, getting all your ducks in a row is very important. The social security system is very large and unless you approach it correctly you can get lost in it all and end up with no help.


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