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Consequences Of Assault Charges

Assault is a criminal offense in which the accused intentionally commits an act that physically hurts a person or threatens to cause them harm. Assault can be simple, aggravated if a dangerous weapon is involved, verbal, and sexual. The consequences of being convicted of assault can have extremely negative consequences. 

It is essential to hire a qualified and experienced criminal defence lawyer Vancouver for legal support during the process. They are highly resourceful and can help guide you effectively understand the various laws that concern your charges. Their knowledge enables them to inform you about the possible punishment you can face if convicted. 

Factors affecting your punishment. 

The punishment differs based on each case, the type of assault and its degree, and the state regulations. The charges are classified into misdemeanor offenses or felony charges. Certain aggravating factors exist that can result in harsher punishments. 

  1. Criminal history: People who have been convicted for the first time may face more leniency during conviction. However, those who have an extensive record of abuse in the past and increasing intensity of crimes are subject to harsher punishment. 
  2. Vulnerability: When the victim’s vulnerability was taken advantage of to assault them or a position of trust given was violated. 
  3. Hate crime: The victim was assaulted because they belong to a certain race, sex, religion, gender, or age. 
  4. Weapon: Carrying, threatening, or using a weapon during the assault results in harsher charges. 

The accused can be required to pay heavy fines or be imprisoned for a certain period and, in some cases, a combination of both. Being convicted of these charges can severely damage your future since most of them appear on your permanent record, causing you to lose your professional license to practice your occupation, reducing your chances to find employment, being unable to legally purchase or possess a firearm and be ineligible for certain loans or live in some housing areas. 

What Can Your Lawyer Do? 

Your lawyer understands the consequences of these charges on your future and fights dedicatedly to defend you to reduce or dismiss your charges. 

  1. Protect your rights: The accused has certain rights they retain during the legal process, such as the right to legal counsel and the right to a fair and speedy trial. The lawyer informs them about these rights and ensures that they freely exercise them. 
  2. Investigate: Lawyers carry out a thorough investigation of your case after reviewing it to find evidence that can favor you, along with finding witnesses to testify on your behalf. They also analyze the prosecution’s accusations for any weaknesses and check the validity of evidence they have against you. 
  3. Negotiation: Criminal defense lawyers often negotiate with the prosecution to help form a plea bargain to drop or reduce the charges against you. 

A lawyer represents you in court and creates several defense strategies to help you attain a favorable verdict. They are a reliable and resourceful source for legal support and assist you in every stage of your case.

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