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Why is Sevocity EHR Necessary for your Practice in 2022?

Sevocity EHR includes specialty-specific features and content that you may tailor to fit the needs of individual practices and physicians. Aside from that, the system offers a variety of typical EHR features, such as integrated electronic prescribing, customizable flow sheets, patient portal, and is completely certified to satisfy Meaningful Use Stage 2 criteria.

Sevocity EHR is a web-based system that you can access from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. According to Sevocity EHR reviews, the EHR provides customers with several security measures, including disaster recovery and backup data storage. In addition, as part of the start-up fee, new customers receive consulting and training services.

Sevocity presently assists over 30 healthcare specialties in practices ranging from 1 to 100 medical providers. Sevocity EHR software includes pre-built specialty content and endless customization options for creating templates. In addition, users appreciate how the workflows are exclusive to each practice and supplier.

Sevocity Telemedicine Software

With growing concerns regarding a patient’s ability to see their doctor regularly, telemedicine, an often overlooked but attractive medical facility, is quietly gaining popularity. This fascinating intervention entails a medical procedure that allows patients to communicate with doctors and other healthcare providers regardless of their location.

Sevocity EHR offers a telemedicine feature that is quite handy. According to users, the telemedicine software justifies the Sevocity EHR cost. Telemedicine is beneficial for both patients and their providers. This feature makes virtual visits even more efficient, straightforward, and convenient – here’s how:

Streamlined Appointment Scheduling

The portion of patient engagement that involves scheduling appointments can be the most intimidating in medical practice. Late reservations, miscommunication between staff members, and missed appointments can significantly impact how frequently patients return for follow-up consultations.

On the other hand, Sevocity EHR software offers a telemedicine tool that smooths out your appointment bookings. Gone are the days when making an appointment meant calling a clinic and arranging a convenient time frame. Instead, patients can pick a suitable date and time via Sevocity telemedicine software. Then, after scheduling the appointment, they will receive confirmation emails.

Furthermore, the software automatically notifies patients of upcoming meetings, ensuring that they do not miss their next doctor’s appointment. You can access all of your upcoming appointments from a user-friendly dashboard with Sevocity telemedicine, and you can start each session with patients with just one click. You can explore this feature in detail during the Sevocity EHR demo.

Virtual Setting

Even while social distancing is steadily becoming the new normal, individuals are becoming more aware of their health and lifestyle patterns, making visits to the doctor and other healthcare specialists necessary. This issue raises a fascinating question: how do you balance the risk of illness transmission with the necessity to see a healthcare provider?

Sevocity telemedicine software offers a solution by bringing the patient-doctor contact into the virtual realm. Patients can communicate with their medical health professional via conference calls, online sessions, and chats through the EHR software. These extra features improve the efficiency of the entire consultation. It also allows patients to get help from healthcare providers on the go. Overall, the Sevocity telemedicine software has positive feedback from healthcare providers and their patients.

Online Medical Billing

It is undoubtedly tiresome for your patients to come in and ask for receipts for their most recent expenses. However, your patients may securely handle bill payments online with the Sevocity telemedicine software, using a variety of payment alternatives. The software can collect money via various payment channels, including online credit card payments, through the bill payment system.

Patients can also use Sevocity EHR software to enter their secure portal and examine their latest invoices rather than lengthy administrative processes to acquire bill receipts. Thanks to the Sevocity telemedicine software, you can ensure that your patients leave each session satisfied, knowing that they can pay quickly, access their bills anytime, and return when needed for their next appointment.

Real-time Interoperability

According to Sevocity EHR reviews, working on a virtual platform has several advantages. Using online software like Sevocity telemedicine, your healthcare practice has the opportunity to interact with experts in the field.

Consider this: how often would you consider inviting a new specialist to join your clinic if it required them to sit in the office and set up equipment physically? Given the necessary charges and overhead, the answer is probably a No. However, it’s more likely that you’ll have a referral system with specialists from different clinics.

Using Sevocity, on the other hand, you may skip the referral procedure and expand your network of in-house specialists, ensuring that your patient rate remains stable and that they generate additional revenue.


The possibility of files and personal patient data and information being compromised when communicated over the internet is a problem that arises with the concept of telemedicine and patient sessions. After all, concerns about internet security plague all virtual interactions in this day and age, and the healthcare profession are no exception.

Sevocity EHR software, on the other hand, ensures that no such risk exists. The Sevocity telemedicine software is built with HIPAA-compliant technology to ensure that all information provided is kept secure. As a result, you and your patients may be confident that any images, like scans, or documents, such as reports, will only be sent through secure means that are not vulnerable to data breaches.

Sevocity EHR Cost

The Sevocity EHR software costs $379 per practitioner per month. This pricing is affordable for all sizes of medical practices. In addition, the Sevocity telemedicine software has no additional cost, which is a huge bonus!

Concluding Note

No doubt, using online software such as Sevocity EHR software may help patients smooth up the entire experience of visiting a doctor in today’s world. With Sevocity, you and your patients may take your healthcare practice to the next level. With a robust telemedicine feature, secure payment systems, efficient portals, and quick appointment scheduling systems. Lastly, we suggest you schedule a Sevocity EHR demo to analyze the telemedicine feature and its various capabilities in a real-time setting.

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