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15 Best Websites to Find Stock Images for Assignments

Images from search engines like Google are subject to copyright, and you may have to reimburse the owner even if you are not using them for commercial purposes. As a student, paying for a few images is not feasible. Therefore, you should use stock images in your assignment writing. These images are free, and you also don’t have to credit the owner of the image. But, you may wonder where you can find free stock images online. Don’t worry; our experts have created a list of websites where you can get stock images for free.

Best Websites to Download Free Stock Images

Following are 15 websites where you can download royalty-free images for free:

1. Pexels

We can’t create a list of free stock image websites without discussing Pexels. It’s one of the most frequented websites by students in the UK. You can find a massive collection of high-quality stock images and videos here. Pexels is used by many bloggers, marketers, and businesses as well.

2. Pikwizard

If you are looking for stock images relevant to your unique description, you can opt for Pikwizard. The best thing about this website is it also has a built-in design wizard. So, if you want to make some basic edits, like adding overlaying text, you can do it before downloading the image. You can use this website for free or opt for the paid version, which offers a feature-packed image editing tool.

3. Rawpixel

Looking for a more diverse collection of free stock photos online? You should try out Rawpixel. Besides students, Rawpixel is also used by photographers, editors, and content creators for multiple purposes. This website also offers PSD mockups, public domain content, and vectors. With the paid version of this service, you can also access a few more features. Also, if you pay for the premium version of their service, Rawpixel contributes money towards Hope for Children.

4. Kaboompics

Downloading stock pictures from Kaboompics is a bit different. Kaboompics owns every picture on its platform and uses its own license. It’s just like the Creative Commons Zero license. However, you are not allowed to redistribute the photos downloaded from Kaboompics. There are two reasons why students love using Kaboompics for their assignments.

  • It allows them to search images by colour
  • It provides a free palette of colours in the image.

5. Canva

Canva is an all-purpose multimedia design tool where you can create logos, posts, presentations, infographics, etc. But did you know Canva has a library of stock images that you can use for free? While the library might not be as massive or versatile as you would like, it is still a good option. Also, with the premium version of Canva—which is quite cheap—you can access a wide range of images and templates. It is also the best editing tool on this list. So, you can tweak any image per your preference.

6. Life of Pix

Life of Pix is another website on this list offering free high-resolution stock images. This website has partnered with Adobe Stock as well. So, there’s also an extended and versatile collection of premium stock images.

7. Flickr

Flickr is a website where you can download images for both academic and commercial purposes. The image library of Flickr is one of the largest on this list. Therefore, no matter your requirements or description, you will find a relevant image on this platform. However, if you want to download stock images on Flickr, choose “Commercial use & mods allowed” below the “any license” filter. Also, whenever you use an image from Flickr, don’t forget to check its license.

8. Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the internet’s most popular image hosting platforms. You’ll find many images online with the Getty Images watermark. Unfortunately, you can’t use these images for non-commercial purposes without embedding them. You can’t just download an image from Getty and use it anywhere. You’ll have to embed it, which is why it may be a great option for websites, but not so for assignments.

9. Crello

This is a great free alternative to Canva and is presented by Depositphotos, which is also a great website for downloading stock images. Canva offers many of its design features for free. But, many stock images, templates, logos, and features are only available for premium users, for which you have to pay $7 per month. If you’re looking for an online graphic designing tool where you can also use free stock images, you should opt for Crello.

10. Picjumbo

In most of the websites mentioned on this list, you will need to subscribe to their service or create an account to download stock images. However, that’s not the case with PicJumbo. Here, you can browse and download various stock images for free. You can use them for both academic and commercial purposes. If you want access to a larger collection of free images, just subscribe to PicJumbo’s newsletter. PicJumbo also has a separate collection of high-quality stock images, which you can access by creating a premium account for a minimal monthly fee.

11. Stockvault

Stockvault is another website where you can download high-definition stock photos for free. Apart from photos, you can also find textures and even wallpapers on this website. It’s one of the oldest image hosting sites, and it’s also quite easy to use. The images are well-tagged and ordered, and you can find photos according to your description quite easily, thanks to its highly advanced search engine, where you can also browse images categorically.

12. Pixabay

Pixabay has probably one of the largest databases of high-quality royalty-free images on the internet. Thousands of crisp, clear, and colourful images are posted daily on this website. Many students, marketers, and bloggers prefer Pixabay for downloading royalty-free stock images due to its massive library and highly efficient and effective search engine. Another advantage of using Pixabay is that you can also use illustrations and vectors for free.

13. Freepik

Freepik is another website listing millions of high-resolution stock images. It also contains millions of graphic resources like illustrations, PSD files, and vector images, which can be downloaded free of cost and used for commercial and personal purposes. Thanks to Freepik’s powerful image search engine, you can look for images and graphic resources based on style, colour, and orientation. The downloads from Freepik are also compatible with graphic designing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

14. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is another alternative stock image search engine from where you can extract stock pictures for your assignments and coursework without paying a single penny. Moreover, there are a few perks Vecteezy provides that make it slightly better than the options we’ve already mentioned in this post.

First of all, you can filter images based on style, colour, orientation, age of models, number of people, and other parameters. Second, Vecteezy offers property releases and signed models for all of its free stock images if required. This keeps the users from getting involved in unnecessary legal conflicts and copyright issues. The images in Vecteezy are much better than stock images offered by other websites in terms of colour, contrast, and details. Vecteezy has a content and quality assurance team which reviews every photo submission before uploading it on their website.

15. Reshot

If you don’t have any specific requirements and are just looking for a website with a basic stock image collection, you can opt for Reshot. It is a community-driven website. Reshot aims to help aspiring photographers, students, and content creators share their creativity on their platform with people who need it. You’ll find a highly curated collection of stunning images for absolutely free.


There are many websites at your disposal where you can download free high-quality stock images as per your requirement. Finding original images for your assignment, essays, and coursework is not difficult. But, writing original assignments is where students in the UK struggle the most. As a result, students—especially ones enrolled in a law degree—fail to manage their coursework and perform unsatisfactorily. If you have a similar issue, we have an effective solution to improve your academic performance.

You need the support of a highly experienced law professional from law medical essay writers. We can help you write a fantastic essay and submit it before the due date. We provide the best cheap commercial law essay help in the UK. You just have to place an order on our website, and our writers will handle the rest.

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