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Health and Fitness

Yoga Therapy For Snoring

Snoring can be an annoying habit if traveling or sleeping with someone. This can also be an embarrassing moment for you when the fact comes out in public. However, this particular thing is out of your hands and cannot be controlled when one is sleeping. The most common reason for snoring has to be a blocked nose but that’s temporary and goes away with the eradication of cold. Other than this if you are a regular snorer then the problem lies either in your breathing or you are addicted to elements like smoking, alcohol, or you are just overweight or your sleeping pattern is not correct.

However, there are some other medical reasons as well for which the snoring may take place, and while my lesson in the 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course  I learned the fact that snoring can be reduced through yoga. Today we will be discussing how that s even possible and what are the steps to overcome snoring through yoga. This may take some time but it’s effective and has no side effects. So let’s see what are some of the poses that you can practice to overcome your snoring issue.

  1. Cobra Pose/ Bhujang Asana-

The Bhujand asana is one really important step to suryanamaskar and can help in reducing snoring as it opens up your chest and helps you in your breathing. Also, this asana is a part of one such remarkable pose which can be considered a solution to so many issues. Controlling your breath and checking on it will help you most while you do this pose. To do the pose all you need to do is lie on your belly and then raise your upper body with the help of your hands. The face will u facing at the top and the entire body stretched. This pose opens up the airways and the lung which again corrects all the breathing issues resolving half of the problems. The pose also regulates oxygen flow and that again helps in solving the snoring issue. Regular practice of cobra pose will reduce the problem of snoring.

2.Bow Pose/ Dhanur Asana-

This pose again puts pressure and works on your lungs and chest area stretching your entire body which again helps in oxygen regulation in the body and thus helps in proper breathing resulting in the reduction of snoring. 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh focuses mainly on the poses that open up one’s chest, neck area which helps them breathe well which eventually works on resolving the snoring issue. This pose also reduces weight and works on belly facts which are again effective for such problems.

3.Bhramari Pranayam-

This pose or technique somewhere helps you concentrate as well as helps one to control the breathing. This pose needs to be done in a very ventilated area and has a lot of benefits. This helps in proper ventilation of the body and helps in breathing which reduces stress and in order snoring. To do this pose sit in a well-ventilated area and close your eyes. Then put your fingers on your ears on the cartilage area and press it slightly. Keep a slight smile on your face and concentrate on your body without thinking much. This slow breath in and out and while you breathe out press the cartilage area. This helps in controlling breathing and also helps in relaxing the body eventually reducing the problem of snoring.

4.Nadi Shodhan Pranayam/Alternate Nostril Breathing-

This pose or breathing technique will generally clean the nostril and reduce the accumulation of cough or cold. This will thus regulate the sleeping and snoring disorder and clears the nostrils which is the basic reason for snoring. This also helps in the regulation of your breathing and thus reduces snoring. To do this pose you need to sit in a crossed-legged position and then close your eyes. Slowly hold one nostril and keep it close while the other nostril has to be open. Then alternatively breathe in from one nose and release from the opposite one. Slowly breath in and then breath out and continue this process for about 15 to 20 breaths.

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5.Meditation –

Practice regular meditation every morning whereby you sit crossed-legged and slowly breathe in and out with eyes closed. The breathing should be very normal and no extra pressure is required. This cleans the body and also reduces stress which eventually helps in the snoring issue. This also regulated oxygen levels in the body which helps you breathe well while you are asleep.

Thus these are some of the yoga poses that may help you reduce your snoring problem. Alongside this, you also need to sleep in a good position and also have a healthy diet. An unhealthy lifestyle along with doing yoga will be of no help. Thus for getting actual results the combination of the two is required. Also, try and do as much as breathing poses because that will regulate the oxygen level of the body which eventually will help. One also needs to avoid any liquid inside the nose to keep it clear other than water because external liquids as actually very harmful.

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200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Vinyasa flow & Yin.

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