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Does The Hair Extension Need Proper Protection?

Women are always obsessed with their beauty. Therefore, they always find ways to enhance it. From makeup to hair, they need everything to look perfect. Just like buying outfits and shoes, they are also in the effort of making themselves look cool. This can only be possible if they put a lot of attention on their hair. Hairs are the most beautiful blessing which makes the women more attractive. However, some women are not blessed with thick hair. But the advancement in the cosmetic world has introduced many new things in the market. you must have different Custom Hair Extension Boxes in the market. These are used to maximize the thickness and length of the hairs. It just takes you few minutes to get long healthy hair.

But once you buy them, obviously you want to use them again and again. therefore, you need to take care of them. Now the question is how it can be possible. They need extra protection from harmful chemicals and other things. Another way to keep them is to put them in Hair Extension Boxes. They are primarily manufactured to take care of them.  Moreover, there are several things which you need to take under consideration while protecting them. Though it is true, they have some specific life span, but you can extend it if you take care of them.

Tips to take care of hair extensions

Following are the tips that can help you take care of your extensions and use them again and again.

Brush them properly

Once you use them, brush them properly. Just simply take a wide brush, comb them from top to bottom. As if you understand the phenomenon behind natural hairs, our natural hairs carry sebum. So, when we brush them, the natural oil comes out of them and spreads on the hairs. But when you buy the extensions, they do not have the natural hydration process. Therefore, you might experience dryness. You can keep a separate brush in the Hair Extension Boxes wholesale and can use it specifically for that.


Wash them often

Just like brushing, they also require washing them often. Since this washing process is a bit different from washing your real ones. As the real ones attach to your scalp, so they need extra nourishment. Therefore, you apply shampoo to the scalp. But the extensions are separate things, they need to get wash differently. You should shampoo them in a way that does not ruin them and does not make them dry and frizzy. Some hair brands complementary gives the shampoo and placed them in Hair Extension Boxes.

How to wash the hair extensions properly?

As the hair extensions do not contain sebum, so to avoid them from getting frizzier, you should buy a sulfate-free shampoo. Many people like the foamy texture once it gets applied on the scalp this is because of sulphatic shampoo. But it is responsible for making them dry and frizzy. So, to avoid such fizziness you should buy a sulphatic-free shampoo. You should wash the hair extensions after 10-20 years. Just take a little amount of shampoo and mix them with water and wash the hair with them. Leave the extensions for 10 minutes and rinse them with clean water. Put all the essentials in the Hair Extension Boxes and use them whenever you need them.

Avoid coloring

As there are a variety of colors are available in the Custom Hair Extension Boxes. Instead of coloring them, you should grab the one which already matches your hair. Or you can also pick the one which you want to get. Sometimes people color the extensions, but if you go to non-professionals, your extensions may get ruined. As the color may leave different patches on your extensions. Therefore, to avoid such inconvenience you should buy colored ones for your hair. As different brands have introduced the extensions, and they have listed the color on the boxes.

Use heat protecting sprays

Just like natural hairs, your hair extensions need to be kept and saved. You should avoid all the heating tools like straightener, rod, and curler, etc. If you use them frequently, they will ruin your extensions. Moreover, if you want to use them, then you should put the heat-protecting spray. This will allow less heat to penetrates the hairs. You should use tools that give heat to 180 degrees. Do not heat the strand for more than 5 seconds. Some Custom Hair Extension Boxes have specified the limit which the extensions can bear, so try to give only that limited heat.


Use nourishment oils and serums

Some brands have put the small serums in the Hair Extension Boxes and instructions to apply them. These serums are perfect for keeps the hair extensions silky and shiny. Moreover, simply take few drops of them and apply them gently to the hairs. This will make your hair detangled and frizz-free.

Store them in the box

Once you wear them, just repeat the steps of washing and brushing. Then gently place them in the Hair Extension Boxes. As they specially manufacture to store them. On the other hand, if you put them in the drawer, they will get ruin and damaged. Throwing them in the drawer will tangle them and will bring out more frizzes. Therefore, tie them together and gently put them in the box.

Do not put them directly in the sunlight

Direct exposure to the sun extracts the moisture and makes them dry. Therefore, managing them could be difficult for you. Once you use them put on some serums and brush them properly. If you feel like washing them, then apply a little amount of shampoo and wash them. otherwise, put them safely in the Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale.

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