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Android TV box is at present the most beloved of all operating system in the world. Now it’s not just limited to mobiles, everything from watches to TVs is now based on this operating system.

Can you ask what is Android TV? Of course this is a TV that is controlled on the Android operating system. It is possible to get a better experience, more better remote support, especially the convenience of running the app. But these TVs are relatively expensive.

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You can’t buy a smart TV by replacing the ordinary TV at home if you want. However, if you want, it is possible to replace that ordinary TV with a small device. And this device is called ‘Android TV. In today’s post we will try to know the details about Android TV Box.

What is Android TV Box?

The ‘Android TV Box’ is a device powered by the Android operating system, with which a simple TV can be converted into a smart TV. You can call the Android TV a TV controller, what will be shown on your TV will determine that box completely, you don’t even need to use the remote control of your TV, you have to action using the remote of the box.

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Your TV will just act as a monitor. Exactly as the CPU box does all for a computer, the monitor just helps to display it.

The biggest benefit of running Android on TV is the power to enjoy Android on a big screen. With Android app, games, you can play any movie anytime. And by connecting an Internet connection to the TV, you can stream videos from Internet content such as YouTube, Netflix or any web video website. Only connect your present TV to the AV or HDMI port.

Why buy an Android TV box?

You may ask, how much do you need to buy an Android TV ? Of course, if you are running a normal HD TV, then Android TV Box can be an important solution for you, especially when it comes to converting normal TV to smart TV. Buying a new TV can cost a few thousand, especially 25-30 thousand, you can give the look of a smart TV to any TV by spending less than 10 thousand. So you must be able to understand its necessity.

How does Android TV Box work?

If you want to run Android smart TV Box, you need to have Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. If you want, you can connect the internet directly to the TV via cable. And if you don’t want to get in trouble with the cable, you can use Wi-Fi. It also has the advantage of Wi-Fi.

Before buying an Android TV box, you need to check if your TV has an HDMI port. If it does not have a USB port. If you have that, you will need an HDMI converter, through which you can connect the TV to the Android TV . A remote control is provided with this TV . If you want, you can use extra mouse and keyboard with the help of USB port.

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