Things to do before selling your Android smartwatch

Whether you bought a new fitness tracker to get in shape or a smartwatch to get notifications on your wrist, the old ones are likely to end up in a drawer or closet. It’s useless to stay there for too long, and the longer you leave it, the less valuable it becomes. Why not clean up your old smartwatch and sell or give it away before it fades from your memory?

Here’s how to get your old fitness tracker ready to sell, give away, donate, or recycle for as much money as possible. In this quick guide, we will show you how to backup your smartwatch (whether Android Wear or a Galaxy Watch) as well as factory reset the watch and prepare it for sale. Here’s how:

Data Backup

Before cleaning your wearable’s data, back up your most recent data so you don’t lose anything. Most smartwatches and fitness trackers automatically sync data with companion apps on your phone.

If you upgrade to another model from the same manufacturer and continue to use the same app, please perform a final sync. If you’re planning on switching to a new watch or tracker brand, you’ll need to export your data. This procedure varies by device manufacturer.

Here are some brief guides on how to export data for some of the biggest brands:

Fitbit: Sign in to and go to Settings, Data Export.

Google: Go to Google Takeout, deselect all, and then Fit.

Samsung: Open the Samsung Health app and go to More options, Settings, Download personal data.

Factory Reset

The correct way to unpair and factory reset your smartwatch or fitness tracker depends on the brand and model. Each has a different way of doing it, but the idea of it is the same. Unpairing will often automatically trigger a factory reset. Although it is recommended to charge your device before you wipe it fully. Once you have wiped your smartwatch or fitness tracker, switch it off.Clean It

Now, a wearable device like a smartwatch or fitness band has survived a lot more useful than your usual device. Because it has likely been on your wrist through rain, shine, and many sweaty workouts, you should clean your device thoroughly. Use a microfiber cloth and some kind of cleaning spray and clean it. If that doesn’t help you clean, apply some warm water to the cloth to remove stubborn marks and follow up with a dry cloth.

Pack it Safely

After doing all this, one of the last thing to do is to pack it safely. Pack all of its necessary additions like its’ charger, box, cable and anything else that came with it. Not only does it look better to a buyer if it is boxed the same way you bought it, but the original box is usually intended to keep the device safe throughout shipping.

Now, what is left to do is sell it, that is if you are intending to do the same. Selling directly is likely to net you the largest payout, but more hassle and risk are involved. For example, OLX. However, it is easier to put it here, as you can sell it for a price you like. But involves you negotiating a price and handling the exchange. It could be a hassle for some users.

Selling online could be the next best option for selling an old smartwatch safely. This is where we can help you. Cashify is the safest way possible to help you sell old wearable like smartwatches or fitness bands.

All you have to do is follow these few simple steps to help you sell your old smartwatch on Cashify.

All you have to do is go to the Cashify Sell website and enter your details. Now, you have to log in.

  • First of all, you have to choose to Sell Smartwatch from the Sell Gadgets drop-down on the website.
  • Select the smartwatch brand and model you want to sell.
  • Now, Cashify asks you to choose the variant and tap on Get Exact Value.
  • After this, Cashify asks you some questions regarding the smartwatch’s condition. This is to help calculate your device value correctly by answering the questions.
  • Once you have answered the same, Cashify asks you to choose the damage on the smartwatches in a very simplified questionnaire.
  • After answering all the questions, Cashify estimates the selling price they will offer once they pick up the smartwatch. And how exactly do you do that?
  • Simply tap on Sell Now under the quoted price for your damaged smartwatch and book a slot at your convenience.

You can sit at home and avail yourself of the services without visiting any shop or any such hustle. This also reduces the threat of being cheated, as the procedure is quite transparent.

Moreover, Cashify believes in transparent and fair pricing for its services. All charges mentioned are inclusive of all taxes. There are no hidden costs at all. You will only be paying as per the quotation on the portal! Cashify offers various modes of payment like Instant Bank Transfer, UPI payments to the app of your choice and more when you sell your old phone or repair your phone.

It also offers Airtel Payments Bank, Croma wallet and Tata Cliq wallet payment transfer services. You can earn a little bit more if you choose Flipkart and Amazon gift card options. As they both offer 5 per cent and 4 per cent more, respectively, in addition to the quoted price. All of this is in minutes of you selling your old device to Cashify.

With this one-stop solution with a quick and hassle-free experience, you can repair your phone back to working condition. We offer you premium products with our trained professionals, with amazing prices and guaranteed safety. We are India’s largest and first online mobile experts.

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