Smart Agriculture Solutions

Smart Agriculture Solutions

Smart Agriculture Solutions


As a big agricultural country, my country has developed rapidly in recent decades in farming technology, and there are a large number of greenhouses in the country. The Internet of Things and intelligence in greenhouses have become the development trend of agriculture in the future. Next, let’s learn about the Internet of Things solutions for smart greenhouses. Plants usually place in greenhouses have strict requirements on the growth environment. In the early greenhouses, by arranging various sensors, manually checking at regular intervals, and adjusting the thermostats, humidifiers and other equipment in the greenhouse.  The wiring of communication cables between sensors has become very difficult, and it has become more and more difficult to manage the greenhouses manually. The smart greenhouse solution came into being.

Smart greenhouse
Smart greenhouse

System composition:

1. Collection terminal

To achieve real-time monitoring of the environment in the greenhouse and give a relatively comprehensive environmental situation.

Temperature sensor (air, soil)
Humidity sensor (air, soil)
light sensor
carbon dioxide concentration sensor

2. Control terminal

Through the gateway controller of the ARM platform. Multiple devices can be connect to realize the effect of real-time control of the environment in the greenhouse. External devices include:

water pump sprinkler
fluorescent lamp
Water and fertilizer machine
Roller blind machine

Smart Agriculture Solutions

Smart Greenhouse Solutions

Smart greenhouse meaning:

Jingxun’s smart greenhouse solution monitors relevant factors through transmitters, obtains accurate values. And records information in a timely manner through monitoring systems and cloud platforms.  He can quickly and quickly understand the situation in the greenhouse; through the value, the influence of the environment in the greenhouse on the crops in different growth periods can be obtain. To provide growers with accurate environmental values ​​for cultivating crops, which can effectively improve the growth rate and growth quality, and increase the output value.

System composition:

(1) Environmental monitoring system:

Connect the sensor through the Internet of Things to collect the air temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide solubility. Light intensity, soil temperature and humidity, soil EC value, soil pH, soil nutrient content, etc. In the greenhouse in real time, and upload them to the cloud platform. The program or PC-side big data platform can be view in real time.

Greenhouse Solutions

Environmental monitoring

(2) Equipment management and control system:

Using the intelligent control system to connect with the fans, water curtains, shading motors, film rolling motors, quilt motors, heating motors, electromagnetic valves, water pumps, water and fertilizer integrated machines and other equipment inside the greenhouse, the remote control of these devices can be realized through the cloud platform. Control, real-time regulation or automatic control of temperature control system, irrigation system, etc.

(3) Integrated water and fertilizer system:

Establish water and fertilizer integrated equipment to cooperate with drip irrigation/sprinkler irrigation pipelines inside the greenhouse. According to soil moisture, soil EC value, soil nutrients, air humidity and other parameters collected by sensors, accurate fertilization and irrigation of crops can be realized, water and fertilizer are saved, and energy consumption is reduced.

Device management visualization

(4) Visual management system:

High-definition cameras are installed in the greenhouse to monitor the farm. Through the cloud platform, 24-hour online supervision of the farm can be realized.  Materials and crops on site from the office, improving management. efficient.

(5) Smart Agriculture Big Data Center:

Through the centralized collection and display of data on the platform. It can realize centralized management, and the application function of traceability of agricultural products. Ensure control from the source, and enhance the implementation of standardization work.

Smart alarm

The upper and lower thresholds of different environmental parameters of each greenhouse can be flexibly set.  The system can remind managers through mobile phone text messages, system messages, etc. According to the configuration to ensure the normal environment for crop growth.

The alarm content is flexibly set, and different reminder content can be set for different users to meet the individual needs of customers to the greatest extent.

View the associated greenhouse equipment according to the alarm record, control the greenhouse equipment more timely, quickly, remotely and efficiently, and efficiently deal with environmental problems.

And professional personnel can be provide to replace .

Remote automatic control

Through advanced Internet of Things and automation technology. And anywhere without leaving home. Improving work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

With custom rules, the equipment of the entire greenhouse is automatically controll with the change of the environment. Smart greenhouse linkage control.

Traceability system

Through different conditions, the historical data that the user wants to know can be queried, and can be view intuitively through the curve, which plays a positive role in the accumulation of agricultural knowledge for the user.

The system relies on a powerful cloud operation and maintenance platform in the background. Through the analysis of big data, it can help users analyze environmental parameters that are more suitable for crop growth, and provide certain reference for users’ future production behavior.

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