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Spectacular Features Regarding The Nexxt Wireless Router

There are thousands of wireless routers are available in the market with great features. Some have high range capacity while some have incredible data transmission speed. You must have heard this one., the Nexxt Wireless router. It is an incredible dual-band router with perfect range and speed. The inbuilt antennas extend to the coverage over a wide area and at every corner of your home and workplace. It delivers speeds up to 1200MBps for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The smart WiFi control feature will allow you to schedule power on or off when needed. It has two LAN ports, one WAN port, one 3/IPTV, power on or off button, a WiFi control button and, a reset or WPS button on its back. High-end tasks such as HD video streaming and gaming can easily be done with this router.

The setup of the Nexxt router is much easier than the Kronos 301 setup. A user-friendly interface enables the user to do setup within a few minutes. A separate guest network with parental control will allow the user to connect to a private network which prevents your network connection from friends and families.

Hardware Installation Of Nexxt Wireless Router

The hardware installation steps for the Nexxt wireless router are as follows. Before proceeding make sure that your computer, router, and DSL modem are powered off. Now find the perfect location at which the router can place. Take an adapter from the box and connect one end of the adapter to the back of the router. The other end of the adapter should be plugged into the wall socket. From the LAN port, which is at the back of the router. Connect your device. For accessing the internet, establish a connection between the modem and a WAN port by using an ethernet cable. At last, Power on your modem, computer, and router. Now we gonna explain to you the key features of this router.

Key Features Of Nexxt Wireless Router

These are some features of the Nexxt wireless router that you should look at before buy.

Wide Range

The four inbuilt antennas extend the network coverage over a wide area and at every corner of your home and workplace. It is also used for boosting signal speed and strength. It is suitable for small offices.


It delivers a speed of up to 1200MBps for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. High-end gaming and high-resolution video streaming tasks without any buffering will give the users a pleasant experience. Television services will be enjoyed by the users with inbuilt IPTV technology features.

Private Network

A private and separate network with parental control, so that users can secure the network connection from unknown persons. It also secures your network from malicious attacks by using the VPN server.

Simple Setup

The Nexxt router setup is very simple and can be completed by logging into the web browser. Type its official website and an IP address in the search box and just follow the instructions. The inbuilt LED lights indicate that the router is ready to connect with the devices.

Cloud Storage and App Companion

This router supports cloud storage in a mobile device app. Hence, saves computer, mobile device, and other storage space. Using this app this device can be set up just by downloading its app from the store. Its app is compatible with flagship phones like Samsung S20, iPhone 12, etc.

Smart Schedule

It has a feature that allows the user to set a time at which they want to power on or off the router devices. It is mainly suitable for offices as there is a fixed working schedule. Which saves power costs.


Great product in this price range. Easy setup with a web browser and app. An automatic firmware upgrade will protect your network from malicious activities. Speed is very fast as compared to other routers in this price range. A smart schedule will save data and power costs. The television servers can be accessed with inbuilt IPTV technology. A separate guest network with parental control can be creat which provides additional security and privacy to your wireless internet connection. As it supports cloud storage, it saves local storage for computers and other storage devices. Overall, it is a very good device and I love it. I must recommend all the buyers to purchase this product.

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