Tested and Improved Methods To Access The Synology NAS DS162+

The Synology NAS DS162+ is a strong, powerful, and compatible 6-bay network storage device. It helps to store large files, media documents, and photos with full security and safety.  The Synology NAS is specially designed to store the media files with a high-tech security system. It is mainly used by large organizations as they have a lot of data. So the big organizations use the NAS device to protect their files from theft. In case, you have mistakenly deleted any file or data, then it is easy to restore them with this storage device. It provides excellent performance with its high storage capability.

The Synology NAS DS162+ is flexible in nature as it can scale up to sixteen drives that help to increase the storage capacity of the NAS device. Also, the device supports a Quad-core processor with 2.1 GHz of CPU and 4 GB DD4 memory function. It can expand its memory up to 32 GB.

Ultimate Features of the Synology NAS DS162+ 

The main feature of the Synology NAS DS162+ is that it helps to save a lot of data from being stolen or internet threats. You can boost up the performance of the IOPS system with the M.2 SSD cache adapter card which makes it easier to connect to the wireless router. It offers 60,000 wide snapshots and 1,000 around shared folders as it can expand its volume size up to 106 TeraBytes. It is a powerful and centralized solution as it can meet the requirements of your working environment easily. Here are so many features of the Synology NAS device.

Massive Storage Device

It offers a large storage capacity for the storage of your files, documents, and photos. Also, you can scale up the storage of the NAS device by adding storage expansion units to the device. It keeps your data safe and protects you from hackers. Most big organizations use this device to protect their business data.

Powerful and Reliable performance

The Synology NAS device provides powerful and reliable performance. If you want to upgrade the memory function in the device. Then you can install the 10 GbE network card in the slot which helps to transmit the M.2 SSD adapter card for intensive IOPS caching.

Media sharing and syncing of the data

You can easily share files, documents, and private photos with more safety and security. It helps you to organize the files in one place and provides you access to use with any device. You can even share the files with other people through the NAS storage device. As the device has a syncing feature that lets you provide the backup of your data in case you deleted it mistakenly.

Secure and Safe data backup

It ensures you that your data is safe as it is backed up in your PCs. It has the latest servers and virtual machines which help to defend the errors and provide multi-version for the backup of your device. Also, it has a smart video monitoring feature that provides security to your home and business by recording the video. You can check the live feeds with the help of the mobile app and check the suspicious incidents and take instant action against them.

How to access the login page of the Synology NAS DS162+ 

The Synology NAS Device provides wire-free storage to store all your necessary data. It helps to access all required documents and photos from anywhere in the world. To access the NAS device you have to create the login username and password that help you to reach your required documents globally.

To access the device, make sure that you have a stable internet connection and it should be connected to your computer or laptop. Then open any web browser on your available device and type find on the address bar and hit the enter button. After some time, a login page displays on your web screen. That is the login page in which you have to enter your credential details like your username and WiFi password. Now press the login button to access your Synology account. 

This is how you simply get your documents and files anywhere, anytime in the world. Just log in to the Synology device and you are done.

Easy tips to deal with your Synology

Tip to fix the not working issue

Here is the simple tip to fix the Synology DS162+ not working issue. First of all, unplug the Synology networking device from the main power outlet and turn off the device as well. After waiting for a few seconds, plug it again into the main power supply source and recheck. Also, check the internet connectivity between your storage device and the wireless router.

Tip to fix the LED issue

Whenever you are accessing the NAS storage device. Ensure that the LED indicator is flashing. It indicates a stable connection between your device and the router. If it does not flash any light then ensure that it is connected to the LAN port properly.

Tip to fix the Synology not turning on issue

In that case, you should use the LAN cable to connect to the NAS storage device and switch to the router or hub. Now connect the AC adapter to the power port and then connect one end of the cord to the AC adapter and the other to the power source. Now turn on the power button of your Synology device.

Tip to reset the

Synology not turning on

Here you get the easy tip to reset your NAS storage device. Turn on your storage device. Then press or hold the reset button for at least 15-20 seconds until the device produces the beep sound. Now release the power button and you will be able to see the device start flashing the orange LED light. That indicates the successful reset.

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