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Method and benefits of doing Kukkutasana

Kukkutasana – Today every person has a desire to have strength, stamina, and energy in his body. For this, he also does different types of exercises. There are many such asanas in our yoga, with the help of which we can become strong and one of them is Kukkutasana.

Those who are involved in sports like judo karate, volleyball, basketball, etc., must do this asana. In this posture, amazing energy comes into the body, and strength also increases.

Do this asana only under the supervision of a good yoga teacher. Because there is also a risk of getting injured in it. There should be a sense of balance and stability in the mind while doing this asana.


Method of doing Kukkutasana 

Kukkutasana is an advanced balancing yoga pose that requires good flexion of the legs and benefits the arms and shoulders.

Shape – While doing this asana, the shape of the body becomes like that of a chicken. That’s why this posture is called Kukkutasana.


Method of Kukkutasana :

  • First, sit in Padmasana.
  • Keep pulling the legs towards the waist as far as possible.
  • Now put your hands in the joint of thigh and shin.
  • First forcefully push the right hand into the joint on the right.
  • Then in the same way forcefully insert the left hand into the joint of the left foot.
  • After this, put the claws of both the hands parallel in front. Keep the finger forward.
  • And lifting the body slowly, towels on the toes.
  • The hands will bend a little, the body will also bend a little.
  • In this way, straighten the neck and back as much as you can by being exactly on the base of the hands.
  • Now bend the chest and leave the weight of the body on the hands and lift both the feet one by one from the ground.
  • Place the right foot under the elbow of the right hand, the left foot under the elbow of the left foot.
  • To cultivate the feet, pinch the nerve below the elbow with the fingers of the feet.


Breathing sequence:

  • When the posture is complete, breathe normally.
  • Inhale rising up and exhale as you come back down.
  • And yes, as long as you stay in this posture, keep Kumbhaka (breathing) for that long and chant Om.
  • Meditation – Those who do not feel hungry or have a full stomach, while doing this asana, focus their attention on the heart chakra. And those who want to make spiritual progress should focus their attention on Muladhara.


Benefits of Kukkutasana:

To know the benefits of Kukkutasana, you must do this asana yourself, because only then you will be able to believe more. Since I have started doing this asana, I have got the following benefits.

  • With this asana, the weight of the whole body falls on the hands only.
  • The nerves in the chest and hands get stretched.
  • Due to which these organs get energized and they become strong.
  • The life air is pure.
  • This asana is helpful in removing disabilities.
  • The paws, elbows, and shoulders of the hand are strong.
  • The abdominal muscles are also strong.
  • Power comes in the whole body.
  • People who are lazy and lethargic must do this asana.
  • What precautions should be taken while doing this asana
  • See, the important role in the asanas is that of breath supplement, laxative, and kumbhaka. The person who understands this can do any asana. Yes, precautions must be taken in the asanas of hatha yoga, but do not be afraid.



  • Those who have the problem of hydrocele, avoid doing this asana.
  • Those who have recently had an operation should also not do it.
  • People with high blood pressure can practice it without Kumbhaka, but only under the supervision of a yoga teacher.
  • Those who are suffering from back pain should not do this asana.
  • Those with knee and neck pain should also avoid doing this asana.
  • time sequence
  • This asana is a bit difficult. So it should be done slowly. In the first type, first, try to trap only the hands, then try to cultivate the body. When the body starts to adjust, practice remaining still for half a minute.



If I tell you right, I am a worshiper of Kukkutasana. After doing this, amazing power is felt in the body. It is my request to all of you that adopt yoga and take the help of asanas and pranayama to remove health and restlessness of mind.

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