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How does Marijuana help us Sleep?

The medicinal uses of marijuana are becoming more widely known. Today marijuana is used to relieve anxiety, stress, eating disorders, etc. Today we will talk about one of the most common uses: using marijuana to sleep.

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Anyone who has trouble falling asleep knows how annoying it can be to not sleep well at night. This results in being tired all the next day, both physically and mentally.

Some preliminary considerations

To talk about any effect that marijuana has on the human body, let’s see what the studies and analysis say on this matter.

As in any medicine we take, the effect is very difficult to determine with absolute precision, as it will be influenced by a multitude of parameters. This can be different, depending on the weight and amount of fat of the person. There will also be variations depending on your diet, substances with which it is combined, how to administer it (tobacco is exciting, for example), and physical condition.

We also have to take into account the variability of the percentages of active ingredients in marijuana. Without chromatography to detect the different substances and their amounts, it is very difficult a priori, to know how exactly each variety and each plant within the different varieties will affect.

Finally, it should be noted that disorders can arise for different reasons, and each one should be treated in a different way. Some can be solved using one type of marijuana, others with another, and others may not be treatable.

Given this, we must say that the dangerousness of the substance is very low. It is necessary to assume the dangers derived from the way of administering it, especially if it is smoked, which entails combustion. It should be borne in mind that it is not advisable to perform dangerous tasks under the influence of cannabis.

Thus, if you have access to various plants and observing what has been said above, it is best to try different varieties and check the effect that each one of them has on our ailments. Ideally, we write down the time it takes to take effect, the amounts used and the effects obtained, both beneficial for our disorder and secondary, as well as those not sought. If possible, regular eating and habits should be followed during the testing phase.

Once this analysis is finished, we will have to select the plants that have worked best for our ailment and calculate the appropriate doses. This is very important because the studies consulted by our experts indicate that different amounts of a cannabinoid such as CBD or THC can have very different effects.

How does marijuana help us sleep?

Mainly it helps us thanks to Cannabinol, better known as CBN, a cannabinoid much more narcotic than THC and that is obtained from it.

The potential offered by CBN to treat sleep disorders has been demonstrated in numerous studies, and more and more people are turning to it to help them fall asleep.

THC, through natural processes, such as oxidation, is gradually converted into CBN. The degradation of THC into CBN is not very fast, especially once the plant is drying in the dark. For this reason, it is advisable not to be in a hurry when harvesting our plants if what we want is to use them to sleep, since during maturation we will get some of the THC to degrade and give us a more marked harvest.

THC, the most famous and highly psychoactive cannabinoid, makes you fall asleep faster and can reduce the REM phase of your sleep. This phase is where we dream and the latest studies tell us that marijuana reduces dreams and even eliminates them. This can be very positive if the disorder you want to treat is related to poor quality sleep, nightmares, or post-traumatic stress, allowing you to have a deeper and more restful sleep. So a combination of CBN and THC can be really effective.

CBD, although it has a calming effect, in high doses can lead to excessive mental clarity, which encourages you not to sleep. But nevertheless, if anxiety is preventing you from sleeping, you may be able to reduce it with CBD-rich marijuana and this will help you sleep.

Terpenes are not well studied yet, but the articles consulted suggest that it is possible that they are an essential ingredient in the effects of this plant, and of course they have a role in the ability to regulate our sleep.

It has been suggested that interaction with the terpenes of other substances multiplies the ability to influence our bodies. A cup of chamomile and a cannabis cigarette can be the best sleep remedy, thanks to the interaction of these terpenes.

Varieties that help us sleep

Having seen the above, now we are going to make some suggestions for plants that we have found to help us sleep. Remember that you must test on your own body which one works best for you, how to take it, and in what quantities. Also mention that they are not necessarily indica, as we usually suppose. It has much more to do with the experience of people who have already used it than with their genetics, we already know that marijuana is a strange and surprising plant.

Unknown Kush from Delicious Seeds

It is a plant considered by many people as medicinal and contains a high content of THC. It has been shown to be useful for sleeping and eating disorders and to control some pain. If you want a marijuana strain to sleep on, this one will definitely suit you.

Cream Caramel by Sweet Seeds

The plant famous for its cream caramel scent and sweets and which has won dozens of awards around the world is a 90% indica and has a well-deserved reputation for being ultra-relaxing. It contains a medium level of CBD (1.6%) and reaches 20% THC.

Txees Bilbo from Genehtik Seeds

The aromatic and powerful Cheese from the Vizcaíno bank offers us an alternative to regulating our sleep, as well as high yields and great ease in cultivation.

Dinamed CBD from Dinafem Seeds

It is Dinafem’s CBD sleeping marijuana strain, with a very high level of CBD and a minimal THC percentage. For those people who help them sleep, CBD is the ideal plant, powerful and with aromas and flavors that will make the treatment against insomnia a pleasure.

Different ways of administering cannabinoids

Using cannabis to sleep can be harmful to our health if it is consumed generating combustion. There are many people who are concerned about their health and do not want to use cannabis in a harmful way.

Therefore, we are going to explain some alternatives to smoking for those who wish to consume marijuana in a healthier way and be able to use the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

These are the ways to consume marijuana to sleep without putting our health at risk:

Using vaporizers

A vaporizer is a device that heats the air and makes it pass through the cannabis plant matter, thus carrying away all the active ingredients that we want to benefit from.

Since the vaporizer does not generate combustion and uses only hot air, it is not harmful to our bodies. There is a multitude of vaporizers on the market, from tabletop vaporizers to portable vaporizers that incorporate the latest technology.

Marijuana infusions

The effects of this infusion can begin to be noticed up to more than an hour after having consumed it. It is essential to carry out tests with small doses of this preparation, to observe the effects on our body and avoid consuming more than recommended, as it can lead us to unpleasant situations since the effects can be different and stronger than smoked or vaporized.

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble, that is, they are diluted in fat. That is why we recommend using whole milk to make the infusion.

To prepare our infusion we only need half a liter of whole milk and 0.5 grams of dried marijuana buds. We recommend that you start with low doses (0.5 grams) and work your way up if the effects are not as expected.

We put the milk and marijuana in a saucepan, and heat for an hour and a half over medium heat without boiling. If the milk starts to boil, the cannabinoids could deteriorate.

Then you just have to pass the milk through a strainer to remove the remains of vegetable matter and you will have your marijuana infusion ready to sleep.

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