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Is it Possible to Preserve Tree Stumps?

The tree is cut and falls; a small portion of the tree trunk left behind in the ground is called a tree stump. These stumps are reused to generate them into trees in the future. The process of cutting the trees and regrowing the stumps is known as coppicing. You can Get the Best Tree Preservation Services in this article.

The stumps have rings on them, which denotes the tree’s age. This study helps determine the age of the sample stump, and it gives a range of dates rather than providing an exact date.  

When left in the ground, tree stumps can attract pests and disease, but if treated correctly, they can even add beauty to our garden and home. These stumps are also used in making the furniture. Get the Best Tree Preservation Services if you want to create them into stunning artwork by preserving your tree stumps.

Moisture in the trunk and heat are the two main reasons pests and mold on our tree stumps.

While selecting the stump, it is indispensable to check the stumps. Sometimes some of the stumps are decayed, and some easily break down. This can waste our time creating things. A harder tree stump makes our work more manageable if you get the best preservation services to preserve the stump for a more extended period.

 Ways To Preserve The Tree Stumps

Clean the stump

  • The step to preserve the stump is cleaning the dirt off from the stump’s surface with a cloth. Rub the wood grain gently, from top to bottom, from where the stump is cut in a circular motion. Make sure not to clean the bark with a cloth. Due to this, the bark can fall off.
  • You can use your hands to pull the wood flaking off the stump on areas of the bark. Make sure to take off the bugs, leaves on the stump.
  • It is up to you to remove or not to remove the bark. As if there is a black ring between the bark and the wood. You can use a hammer to remove the bark by sliding it from top to bottom. This will leave the wood behind and give the stump a rustic look.

Sanding and filling the cut of the stump

  • You can use a planer machine to flatten the head and make an even surface out of it. To remove the rough spots from the stumps, run the planer machine on the top and bottom of the stump. Do this repeatedly to make the edges smooth to touch. After this, wipe off the stump with a cloth after the smoothing of edges is finished.
  • You can rub 80-grit sandpaper on the top of the stump in a circular motion to remove the top layer of the wood. The sandpaper will also help to even the surface of the stump. Also, rub the stump from top to bottom with the help of sandpaper to smooth the sides of the stump. For the protection of your hands, use gloves while using sandpaper.
  • If the stump is dirty or rough, you can use an electric sander to smoothen the stump quickly. This will reveal the fresh wood underneath. If you notice the rings in the wood to appear on the top and bottom, it means the new wood is emerging.
  • Once the sanding is done now wipe out the stump with a damp and lint-free cloth. Clean the top and bottom of the stump nicely so that the wood looks clean and fresh.
  • Now add the wood filler if the stump has large or deep cracks. You can put epoxy wood filler if you want to keep the cuts in the stumps. If any damages appear on the sides or bottom of the stump, first put tapes to remove it from leaking out of the cracks. Slowly drizzle the epoxy into the cracks to fill it. After applying the first layer of epoxy, let it dry overnight. Wear gloves while using epoxy as it is a strong chemical.You can Get the Best Tree Preservation Services in this article.

Use wood stabilizer

  • The wood stabilizer will make the wood more durable for designing and keeping it longer. Rub the wood stabilizer liquid on the stump, saving it from cracking and wrapping.
  • Put a small amount of stabilizer and then slowly increase the quantity of stabilizer. Use a clean and dry cloth to rub the stabilizer into the wood in a circular motion. Make sure you have covered the entire top of the stump with the liquid, and the wood has absorbed the stabilizer completely.
  • Cover the stump with a plastic sheet and make sure to dry it for 2-4 hours to allow the stabilizer to dry correctly.

Finishing off the stump

  • Cover the stump with a precise gloss finishing spray to prevent the wood pieces from falling off. Apply the gloss on all sides of the stumps.
  • Allow the sealer to dry overnight in a dry spot like in the garage or work shed. Give time for the sealer to set before using it.
  • Lastly, add the metal legs to the bottom of the stump if you want to use it as a side table. Use screws and drill in the bottom of the stump. This will give a more decorative and rustic look to your home.


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