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HRCraft is the most trustworthy employment agency Toronto

We are an employment agency Toronto has been open for business over the past decade and our job-seekers have implemented precisely what our candidates and clients have been responding to worldwide; local focus.

We at the employment agency Toronto is committed to providing every client and potential candidate with a local consultant.

This gives us a significant competitive advantage because we be closer to our clients as well as ensuring that we bring the most value to your career or search.

Our consultants are experts in their field of expertise. We are focused on these specific fields:

  • Financial and banking services
  • Digital and e-commerce
  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Accounting and finance
  • Supply chain and procurement
  • Construction and property
  • Marketing and sales
  • Technology

Best Job Recruiters in Toronto

HRCraft strives to create an atmosphere of positive work which attracts and keeps employees with a blend of employee satisfaction as well as working conditions and culture.

The HRCraft employment agency Toronto is salaried and don’t work on commissions. This gives our Toronto recruitment experts the capacity to build long-lasting relationship with both candidates and clients since their compensation isn’t dependent on whether or not they get a job.

Our employment agency Toronto assist you in understanding the business needs and ensure that you locate the best person for your job.

Sometimes, this could include helping you develop the job description as well as conducting an overseas search. Achieving more than we can imagine and delivering results for customers is something that we take pride in.

HRCraft Job Recruitment Methodology

After gaining a complete understanding of our clients’ specific requirements for recruitment will be, employment agency Toronto.

Put together a customized solution for recruitment which could include the combination of searching our database of candidates or advertising, as well as targeted search/headhunting. We have a vast database of potential candidates.

We put a lot of money into this databases to guarantee that you as a client, will have access to the top candidates on the market.

employment agency Toronto
employment agency Toronto

Furthermore we ensure that our Toronto recruiters have dedicated research staff to make connections across the market to find the top candidates for the most difficult search.

HRCraft concentrates on office staffing services in TORONTO, CANADA. We believe that specialization is most important factor to success and not having to be all things to all.

However, when we refer to “office”, we mean starting at the managerial level, and going through highly skilled professionals to administrators – any position that you can have in the office.

Benefits for Job Seekers

HRCraft is a source of employment opportunities that are waiting to fill! We take care of the heavy lifting by matching you with Brampton, Ontario companies.

When you’ve been offered the job the paycheque will be directly transferred each week. Be on the lookout for your email alerts!

Employment Opportunities

Go online today to find your next job Brampton, Ontario, or anywhere else in Canada. HRCraft will match your skills and abilities to a variety of jobs both long-term and short-term which will allow your career to quickly take off.


Once you match with the company, they will pay every week via direct payment. Our database of both new and established companies has competitive rates. Which ensure that you maximize your earnings potential without having to spend many hours looking for work.

Find More Jobs by establishing Your Profile

You can create the HRCraft profile in a matter of minutes. And your history of employment will automatically fill in while you travel between jobs and saves your time.

Your expertise and skills are noticed, and our technology matches you more quickly.

Stay Connected

No matter if you’re from Brampton or you’ve moved for work, HRCraft is always there to assist you in finding the perfect job.

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