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How to Fix an Error Message When Changing Facebook Cover Photo Content Is No Longer Available

Getting an error message when changing Facebook cover photo content is common. This happens for several reasons. Either you have unintentionally clicked the wrong link, uploaded an image that you didn’t want to include or there is some kind of problem with the system. To fix it, here are some tips. It will get your page back up and running like new again!

The first thing you should do is double-check the link you used. If this is the case, don’t panic. Just remove the link from your page. If you want to go ahead and keep that photo, just open a new one and re-link the photos you want to be removed.

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The second reason why you may receive an error message when changing Facebook page cover photos is due to the type of photo you uploaded. Some people use thumbnails as their profile pictures while others use the main photo. You may have decided to use the main photo or you may have selected other images. When you try to share the images you have selected with your friends, Facebook displays the thumbnails instead of the actual image. It looks like the image has been corrupted or some kind of error message was displayed. The error message you are getting is telling you that the link you used is not available anymore you could check here.

If this is the case, then the only solution you have is to select another link. In addition, the error message also tells you that you cannot upload any more photos until you are done restoring the photo content. Restoring the photo content will take time and when you try to upload more photos after this period, you will surely face the same problem. If the photo content contains animated texts, then the error message you are receiving is not a joke.

This is an advanced error and you will need to be very careful when updating your photo albums. The error message means that the link you used is either corrupted or is not able to be found. In both cases, you will need to redo the link you used to update the photo album. As long as you have already submitted the photo, the update will be successful.

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The most likely cause behind the inability to update your photo album is that the photo links are corrupt or the links are no longer available. 

Another common reason why photos fail to load on the Facebook page would be due to the type of formats that they are in. You need to ensure that all your photos are in the right formats before trying to publish them on this social media site

The only solution for this issue would be to download the photos once again and use the correct format. To do this, go to the photo section on your account and click on “Photos” along with the top navigation. You will now see a drop-down menu where you can select” PNG”, “IFF”, “TIFF” or “APNG”. Click on one of the formats and upload the images. If this doesn’t work, then the error message you received could be related to a broken link or file error.

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