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Computers and Technology

Tips To Overcome The Poor Signal Using Nextbox WiFi Range Extender

The Nextbox Wi-Fi range extender is a wireless extender that is used to extend the range of the existing network by connecting to a router. It is capable of delivering a super fast speed of almost 1200MBps. You can stream HD video and high-end gaming without any interruption. It spreads the existing signal to 3000 square feet and spreads the signal at every corner of your apartment and office by eliminating the dead spots. The ethernet port will allow you to connect an extra device such as system devices, smart TVs, cameras, gaming consoles, etc. Its universal compatibility makes this device connect with maximum routers. The setup of this device is very easy and completed just by pushing the WPS button and viewing the status of the LED light. The two external antennas extend the signal and provide a stable and fast internet connection.

You can manage all the settings regarding this extender just by visiting re.nextbox.home. The wall-plug design offers you to plug this extender directly into the Ac socket, as it has a Socket panel on its back. It saves the hardware equipment cost required to fit the extender.

Installation Of Nextbox WiFi Range Extender

Unbox the Nextbox device shipment box and place it on the flat surface. Clean all the pieces of equipment if any dust particle is stuck in the device or other equipment. It is recommended to read all the instructions mentioned briefly about the device. After knowing all the instructions, you can now move to the installation procedure.

Firstly, place the Nextbox device in the best location to avoid the barriers such as metal objects, walls, etc. The router should also be in the same place. Now plug your Nextbox device into the AC socket and turn it on. Press the WPS button of the Nextbox extender within 2 minutes after pressing the WPS button of the router for 30 seconds. The LED light will start illuminating on the device and after some time it turns into a solid one. Note that there should be at least two bars on the LED light. If the LED light on the extender shows the red light, it means the device is not catching the router. Then move the device to the various spots by judging the LED light. Once it turns into solid blue, it means the configuration has been made successfully.

Tips To Get The Test Signal From Nextbox WiFi Range Extender

If you are getting a bad signal continuously from the Nextbox extender, we will explain to you some tips to solve this problem. Firstly, place the device in the location where it will get the best location. You should avoid placing the device on thick walls, metal objects. The router should be p[laced in the same room for best connectivity. The router should not be far from 20 feet from the router. If the extender is not getting a good signal from where you plug into the AC socket, then create an Ac socket where the device is detecting the best signals. Change your old version router to a new modern router. Ensure that your router is getting regular updates. Using the long signal strength router will also fix this trouble.

Add external antennas to your router and hence provide the best signal to the extender. Change the WiFi channel and choose the bandwidth according to your location. Double-check that an unknown person will not be connected to your network. It may affect your network connection speed as well as signal.


It is a great device and I have been using this device for the last 3 months. All thighs are going well. Setting up this device is also easy and can be completed in less than 5 seconds. The wall-plug design will definitely save the hardware cost to place the device. Just plug the device into the AC socket to enjoy HD video streaming and gaming. The ethernet port will allow you to add an extra device. However, sometimes it may give a very poor signal. Then I contacted the customer support team, they provided me with the best solution by reaching the doorstep. I am totally impressed with the team, as they are very kind-hearted. All though, a great device in this price range and I recommend all the buyers to purchase this product.

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