Easy Steps To Install and Configure The Huawei B311-221 Router

There are many routers in the market that cannot fulfill the need for a high-speed home network at an affordable price. The Huawei B311-221 router is a small and slim wireless router that runs the WiFi network with a sim card slot. It fulfills the home network needs with its speed, coverage, and affordable price. The 3G and 4G sim card slot allows the users to surf high-speed wireless internet connection. It is capable of delivering almost 150Mbps downloading speed with its 4G sim and 45MBps with a 3G sim card. It supports worldwide sim cards. Just insert the mini sim card to enjoy video streaming and games. You can control this device from anywhere just by installing the Huawei AI life app. The five LED indicators on the front side will help you to know the status of the router. 

It has power and a WPS button on the backside. The LAN port, WAN port, and a USB port on its back will allow you to add an additional device using the ethernet cable. You can easily accomplish the Huawei router setup using the Huawei app and web interface. Now we are gonna discuss the installation process.

Installation Of Huawei B311-221 Router

The installation process of the Huawei router is simple. Just follow these steps to do it. Firstly, unbox the shipment box and bring out all the available equipment and the router device safely. Put your B311-221 router on a flat surface such as a shelf. Avoid placing the device on the wet surface. Clean all the dust if stuck in the router and other pieces of equipment. Read all the info briefly as described in the user guide before going to install the router. Now you can go for the installation process.

You need a mini 3G and 4G sim card. On the bottom of the B311-221 device, there is a card slot cover. Push the card slot cover towards you to open the cover. Now insert the mini sim card in the sim card slot and place the cover by pushing against you. Take an adapter and plug it into the AC socket. The other end of the adapter should be inserted at the power input. After the B311-221 device detects the sim network, you can connect your router with the tablet, computer, or mobile device. Now we are gonna discuss the setup procedure of the Huawei  B311-221 router.

Huawei B311-221 Router Setup

You can easily do the Huawei B311-221 router setup using the Huawei SmartHome app and web browser. Now we’re gonna discuss the installation process. Most of the users recommend doing the setup using the app. Therefore, here we are gonna tell you to do the setup using the Huawei SmartHome App.  You should complete the installation process before going for the setup. The Huawei B311-221 device must be connected to the Ac socket.

Firstly, download the Huawei SmartHome app from the store for your tablet or mobile phone. Install and open the SmartHome app. The app also can be downloaded by scanning the QR code attached at the bottom of the B311-221 device as well. Note the SSID security code and name from the B311-221 device back On app. Tap on the configure option and hit on the ADD option to attach the fresh WiFi network. Then, enter the WiFi details by entering the SSID code and name to create a new network. Now go after the info as described on the interface and the router device has been set up successfully.  Now we are gonna discuss the process to update your Huawei B311-221firmware bt auto and manually.

Huawei B311-221 Router Firmware Update

Updating the router is simple and easy and can be done using the Huawei app. Follow these steps to update the B311-221 firmware by Auto-update or by manually.

Firstly, connect your tablet or mobile phone with the Huawei WiFi network. Open the app and go to the Tools option. Under the Tools option, choose Device Update. Now tick marks the check box indicating the Auto Update. Now on the top right corner, enable Auto Update. Then, choose the timings on which you want your device to update. You can also choose the manual Update option. Download the firmware manually and install it by tapping the Update option, if a firmware update for the device is available. Updating the firmware regularly will fix issues you faced while using the Huawei router.

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