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How to fix the Orbi Flashing White Light?

Orbi routers made by Netgear are an excellent choice when it comes to getting the internet without lag in your home. While these networking devices are reliable most of the time, occasionally, users may experience difficulty accessing them due to issues they create. One of the issues that can hinder the online experience for Orbi internet users is the Orbi Flashing White Light. If you’ve been searching for an answer to this issue, this blog will provide you with the necessary methods to fix the same in no time.

Reasons for Orbi Flashing White Light

There could be a variety of reasons for the Orbi router’s white light issue. The light indicators on your Orbi device indicate something. If the device displays a red light, it indicates that the device isn’t receiving the correct power. If your device displays a green LED and you can tell that your internet connection is operating smoothly, and the white light on the router indicates that the Orbi router is in the process of booting. And while the white light signifies the router is booting up, a blinking white light might occur as a result of the firmware upgrade procedure or after you have reset your default settings. If that’s the case, you can quickly follow some easy troubleshooting steps discussed in this blog:

Update the Firmware Manually

You can try updating the firmware of your Orbi router manually. This will help your device stay updated with the latest virus definitions and remove any bugs that might interfere with its functioning. Go to the official Netgear website and access the downloads page. Search for the Orbi device model you are using and click on the Downloads button şirinevler escort again.

  • Here, according to the version of your device, download the firmware update file onto your system. The firmware file will download onto your system in a compressed format. You can unzip the same to extract the key files and proceed with the update process.
  • Once you have the firmware file with you, you can log in to the Orbi router using the default web address Alternatively, you can download the TFTP client for Windows or the TFTP client for MAC as well.
  • Once you have downloaded the same, install it with admin rights and ensure it has access through the firewall for public and private networks.

You can now update the firmware on your Orbi router and make sure the Orbi flashing white light issue is resolved.

Set a Static IP of the computer’s Ethernet Connection

Windows Computer

  • Launch the Network and Internet Settings on your computer.
  • Select the Ethernet option from the screen and right-click on it to select Properties.
  • Double-click on the IPv4(TCP/IP) field and type in the following information in their respective fields.

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

  • Once you have entered the details, you can click on the OK button and the settings will take effect.

Mac System

  • Launch the Preferences option from the screen and open the Network
  • From the left pane, select Ethernet and expand the Locations dropdown menu.
  • Select Edit Locations and type in a name for the connection like Static IP.
  • Furthermore, click on the Configure IPv4 dropdown menu and select the Manual
  • Fill in the following details in their respective fields and click on the OK

IP address:

Subnet Mask:



  • Once you have entered these details, the settings will take effect and you’ll see the Orbi flashing white light issue get removed.

Power cycle your Orbi router

After waiting some time it is apparent that your Orbi router is still unable to finish the boot process. Therefore, power cycling of the device by disconnecting it from the power outlet is required. After that plug your device into the power outlet again and switch it on to determine whether the issue is resolved.

Replace the power socket

There’s a high possibility that the Orbi router isn’t receiving adequate power. In this case, then the Orbi router won’t begin to boot correctly, leading to problems such as this. To avoid this situation, switch the power source for your Orbi. This will have your Orbi router functional in a matter of minutes. It will allow you to browse the web at even higher speeds.

Reboot your MODEM/ Access Point

The Orbi router blinking white light issue can be resolved by restarting your MODEM and the Access Point if you’re using it. The only thing you have to do is take off the power cable connecting to your MODEM and the router. Then, you should wait for about a minute, and allow it to cool down. After that, turn on your device, plugging it into an outlet. Then, reconnect the ethernet cable on your MODEM to the router. Also, verify whether the Orbi flashing white light issue is resolved or not.

After the device has restarted, you can reconfigure the device and then connect to the internet. If you are still having issues with your Orbi router, then you are able to contact the team on our side to get assistance. They will assist you to resolve the issue whenever you want.

RESET your Orbi router

If updating the router firmware through or following the troubleshooting steps discussed above doesn’t help resolve the Orbi white light issue, you can always restore the settings to factory default. Doing so will remove all the device configurations and delete them from the device. Settings related to time zone, language, network SSID, password, and even the admin credentials will be reset to factory state. Resetting your Orbi router will also help resolve a host of issues related to the firmware.

To reset Orbi router, you can follow these steps:

  • Locate the RESET button on the rear of the Orbi router.
  • Press and hold the same for about 10 seconds and you’ll see the LEDs on the router flash altogether.
  • Once that happens, you can release the RESET button and wait for the device to restart itself.
  • The reset process will complete when the router is back up and running. You can now reconfigure your Orbi router using the general setup steps.

Still, have questions on the Orbi router flashing white light issue? Connect with our team now!

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