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How to Restore VHD File in Windows 10 – Instant Solution

Preposting! In this write-up, we are going to discuss the simple and brisk methods by which you can restore VHD files in Windows 10. So let’s begin the article.

A VHDX or VHD file is like a physical hard drive that has items like a boot record, disk partitions, file systems, saved data, etc. Damage or loss of data means losing the entire data stored on the Virtual hard drive. Here’s everything you might want to know about how to restore VHD file in Windows 10.

We Will Cover These Queries

  1. What is VHD or VHDX File
  2. Reasons for VHD Damage
  3. Manual Methods to Solve the VHD issues
  4. Automated Way of VHD Files Recovery

What is VHD or VHDX Files

The VHD or VHDX file format, primitively introduced with Connectix Virtual PC, can store the contents of a hard drive. Eventually, MS Hyper-V adopted this disk image format. Windows 7 and newer systems include the capability to manually mount VHD files. Starting with Windows 8, a user can mount a VHD by easily double-hitting on the file. Once mounted a VHD disk image is displayed to Windows as a normal hard disk that’s physically attached to the system. VHDX (Virtual Hard Disk v2) images are functionally like VHD images, but they consider many modern features, like support for larger sizes and disk resizing.

Reason Behind Corruption of VHD File

According to various users’ points of view, there are several reasons behind Corrupt VHD files. But a few top reasons are mentioned below.

  1. Hard Drive Not Responding:- It may happen that the hard disk drive gets damaged or corrupted during the making of an HDD by the manufacturer or firmware.
  2. Accidentally Transfer Files Over Faulty Hardware:- Virtual hard drive sometimes also shows an error when mistakenly the user transfers VHDX or VHD files sometimes also displays an error when accidentally moving the Virtual files over corrupted hardware or by making the connection with faulty hardware. Deleting Virtual HDD during usage also generates an error in the drive.
  3. Virus or Malware Attacks:- The user has to face VHD corruption or unreadable error due to a virus attack on the system which leads to the permanent deletion of the Virtual machine data from the Virtual hard disk drive. It also infects the applications installed on the computer.
  4. All of Sudden System Shut Down: If the system is not closed or shut down in a proper way then it may be the reason for the corruption of VHD files of VM which makes the Hard Drive show error during its usage.
  5. Updating Antivirus Software on Hard Disk Drive:- Installing antivirus software over the Virtual machine leads the VHD to display bizarre behavior while the user will try to run it.
  6. Humans Error: Mistakenly formatting VHD or deleting a few crucial computer files from the Virtual hard disk drive or managing the disk in the wrong manner etc. All these can be the reasons for VHD corruption.

Automated Way to Restore VHD File in Windows 10

Talking about the best and simple tricks to solve the VHD file corruption remedy then here the SoftwarePro VHD Recovery Software stands first in the row. This software comes with advanced technology which permits you to restore VHD files in windows 10 data with ease. It has an interactive graphical user interface that even a novice can use without prior tech knowledge.

Manual Methods to Restore VHD File in Windows 8

Mount the VHD or VHDX file

  1. Mount the .vhd or .vhdx file using the command prompt underneath the parent partition and type the CHKDSK command to start the procedure of VHD file repairing.
  2. Now use Hyper-V virtual machine to check the integrity of the VHD file.
  3. Here VHD file added to the IDE controller for the inspection procedure
  4. Thereafter download the Microsoft VHD repair tool which is available with the free repair option to roll back the expanding mode on base VHD when various VHDs are available.

Recovery By Using Virtual Machines

Another simple trick for VHD file recovery is by creating a virtual machine in your system which will assist you out to resolve the issue by recovering the corrupted video file on your computer.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to do so:

  1. Generate a new virtual server and attach a new hard disk with the new server.
  2. Now hit on the “Settings” option and select the newly added hard disk, then
    choose the corrupted VHD files which users want to repair.
  3. Choose the “compact” option by hitting on the virtual disk wizard button and go for the option “convert it to a fixed size virtual hard disk”.
  4. Save your repaired Virtual hard drive file with a new file name.

The manual method will compact the corrupted vhd file and you can now mount it over the original server with ease.


Through this write-up, I have tried to make you understand the VHD file and discuss the corruption-related issues with the VHD file. So the brisk and simple methods have been discussed in this write-up. For faster outcomes, the user can go for the SysTools VHD recovery software which can simply restore the VHD file in Windows 10 within a minute without any data alteration.

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