How Long Does an Electric Skateboard Battery Last?

Electric skateboards are rides that are fun and full of thrill. They require wireless batteries as an energy source to run. The battery of an electric longboard is its most important component. There are many factors that govern the performance of these batteries. The power of the batteries affects the efficiency of your electric skateboard. You can take certain measures to extend the battery of your electric skateboard battery.

The battery of your electric longboard runs for about 300 – 1000 cycles in its lifetime. You can charge it once to its full capacity and use it for up to 30 miles. There are different types of electric skateboard batteries, and their life spans are according to their category.

This article will be helpful about the information you need in electric skateboard battery.

Type of Batteries

1.      Li-ion Batteries

These batteries are the most commonly used electric skateboard batteries. You also find these in your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. They are safe to use and already widely used and tested in other gadgets. The microchips for charging and discharging Lithium-ion batteries ensure its reliability. These batteries are also cheaper than other kinds.

These batteries can run for about a time of 2 – 3 years, or roughly 300 – 500 charge cycles. After this time you will notice a change in the amount of distance your skateboard can commute in a single charge.

The lithium-ion electric skateboard batteries have a small life span that starts depreciating the capacity of the battery after 8 – 9 months.

2.      Lithium Polymer Batteries

These types of electric skateboard batteries are more powerful than the rest but unreliable and unsafe at the same time. These can give you a longer charge time and are also inexpensive. Lithium polymer batteries are tricky to use. The user must drain it to a certain percentage. These electric skateboard batteries can start a fire if you do not handle them properly.

These batteries are very powerful and can go for about 50 miles in a single charge. You can efficiently use a lithium polymer battery for your electric skateboard for 2 – 3 years.

3.      Life Po4

The name for Life Po4 batteries is the Lithium ion Phosphate batteries. This is a relatively new technology and many upcoming brands of electric skateboards are using it as their batteries. They have a long charge cycle but are very expensive due the latest technology.

The lithium phosphate batteries are the strongest one yet. They will work just fine for 5 – 7 years.

Increase the Life Span of Your Electric Skateboard Batteries

You can improve the life of your electric skateboard battery by following certain simple steps. The maximum anyone can get is 1000 charge cycles.

·        Keep Things Cool

Temperature leaves long-lasting effects on your electric skateboard battery. If you expose it to more heat, it will start losing its capacity to fully charge. Especially for a lithium-ion battery, high temperature can be harmful. Exposing it to a temperatures above 140 degrees can be malicious for it.

·        Don’t Feel Left Out

If you do not use your electric skateboard for a long time, take out the batteries before storing them away. Even if it is in storage, charge your electric skateboard every six months. A tip to improve the life of your electric skateboard battery is to keep it in use regularly. The battery will keep on working fine if it is in frequent use.

·        DoD

It refers to the depth of recharge. The depth of discharge in an electric skateboard battery means you should recharge your lithium-ion battery before you empty it to 0%. The more frequently you recharge your battery, the longer it will stay with you. Or in other words, smaller DoD means longer life of battery.

·        Keep an Eye Out

The electric skateboard batteries even lose charge if they are not in use. It is a fair tip to keep a check on the battery’s charged status. Make it a routine to check them and make sure they don’t drain completely. Recharge them

·        Spare Batteries

Many of us prefer to have a spate change of rechargeable batteries for our electric skateboard. You need to make sure that these spare batteries are stored at a temperature of 41 – 68 degrees even in the winters. Scientifically speaking, the oxidation of an electric skateboard battery is the greatest when the battery you charge the battery to its full capacity.

Keep your batteries cool, but do not freeze them. This will help your electric skateboard battery to last longer.

·        Miscellaneous Factors

Other factors also govern the life of your electric skateboard batteries. Rider’s weight, whether your commute is upward or downward inclined, and how much brake and acceleration you apply to your electric skateboard. If you use your electric skateboard with care, you can prolong its life.


Generally, electric skateboard batteries function for 8 – 20 miles and a life span of 1 – 3 years. Different types of batteries give you a different level of performance and charged life. Electric skateboards with the longest battery life will also cost you more. You can get the most out of your electric skateboard battery by following simple tips and taking care of your electric skateboard. We hope this article was helpful for you.

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