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How to Install water purifier? Learn now!

Water Purifier installing tips

Learn how to install your new water purifier and ensure better health. A better quality of life for your family in our guide!

How to install water purifier in my Home?

Learning how to install a water purifier at home is quite simple.  But some precautions must be taken so that the installation takes place correctly.

See below for a simple guide to plan the installation of your new purifier and bring more comfort, better quality of life and better health to your family!

Choose the place it will stay:

First of all, it is essential to check where you will install the water purifier.

It is recommended that you check your kitchen facilities before installing your water purifier.

To choose where to place the water purifier, pay attention to these details:

  • Your new purifier should be installed in a location accessible to everyone in your home;
  • Your purifier should be installed near a faucet or other source of water;
  • If your purifier also has the chilled water option, it should also be installed near an outlet or other power source.
  • Some technical data must also always be taken into account when choosing the installation site.

Also, make sure the water source has the specific size gauge for your purifier.

If it does not have the size recommended by the manufacturer, it is necessary to adapt it, or even choose a purifier with a model that adapts to the gauge of your plumbing installation. For Residential Plumbing Click Here


Check the Manual:

Checking your new equipment manual is the first step in understanding the ideal way to install water purifiers.

In the instruction manual you will have access to all the information that is pertinent to the installation.

There, of course, there will be technical information about the distance. The purifier must be from the tap and, when necessary, from the power supply.

In addition, in the instruction manual you can also find information relevant to all the tools.  You will need to install your water purifier.

With the proper tools, technical information and instructions for use.  It’s time to use the template that usually comes with purifiers to fix it to the wall, in case you decide that this is the best way to install it.

If you have decided to install the purifier on the wall, using the template.  Place it on the wall and using suitable screws and dowels, drill the holes into the wall, aligning the holes.

Thus, you will be able to install your purifier on the wall, keeping it aligned and in perfect conditions of use.

Install the refill on the purifier:

The easiest part of how to install water purifier is to insert the purifier refill.

Currently, most water purifiers have a super simple system to install and maintain the refill.

Common among several brands, such as Consul, IBBL and Electrolux, the turn and change system is what allows quick maintenance of the purifier.

To install your refill, simply place it in the appropriate compartment and then rotate it, in the direction printed on the device.

Some water purifier models also have a signaling LED so that the user is notified when it is time to replace the purifier refill.

When this LED flashes, it is time to change the purifying refill.

To make the replacement, the process is also super simple.  Just turn the purifying refill to the opposite side of the lock to release it.

Afterwards, it is important to sanitize the device as recommended in the instruction manual to, finally, install a new refill.

How to Install Tap Water Purifier:

Installing a purifying device on the tap is quite simple and can be done even without the help of a technician.

Before starting the installation of your tap water purifier, it is necessary to have some knowledge of hydraulic installation, especially as it will be important to do a double tap water outlet.

To do this, the purifying device is accompanied by parts that make this distribution, directing two streams of water.

Note that when removing your faucet from the countertop or wall, with the water valve already closed, it is possible to install this small flow doubling piece. Emergency Plumber

Therefore, just proceed with the instructions in the appliance manual to assemble and complete the installation.


Installing the water purifier is a very simple task and only requires attention to the instructions in the manual for each product.

Through them, it is possible to know exactly what the specifications of your purification device are and, above all, to choose a suitable place for installation.

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