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Decorate the staircase area to make it the best part of your hallway

In most houses, the staircase is the very first thing that anyone would notice while entering the space. So, whether it is to woo your guests or just to make yourself smile, create a fantastic first impression of your home through a fabulous staircase area. And if it is an active part of your hallway, then decorating it becomes all the more important. After all, a hallway and the staircase together give you a fine glimpse of what lies ahead in your house.

Some lovely ways to decorate your staircase area

Decorating the staircase area happens after you have finished plastering this section. It is because the new theme of the paint colours and even the accessories you add to decorate the space are dependent upon the smooth plastered surface. Experts from Ben & Son’s Painting providing plastering in Auckland have the best people to do the job for you. They have trained professionals who carry out this job in a really quick duration and at reasonable rates in your property. Once they are done with their task, do follow these steps to turn your staircase area into a visual treat:

The welcoming patterns

By welcoming patterns we mean the exclusive designs that you select for your staircase area. You can get the desired patterns by installing wallpaper on the wall of the staircase or creating textures using paint.

Coordinated colour statement

Sometimes a nice selection of colours is all you need to create a marvellous statement in a particular area. Even your staircase can look vibrant and attractive if you are picking up a stunning colour scheme for it. Like, if you are painting the walls near the staircase in classy blue shades and using beige-brown or when grey-white for the stairs and railings, imagine the fantastic combination and its effects! And this vibrant colour scheme appears to be more appealing if your hallway area is painted in ivory or neutral shades.

The finest finishing 

Sometimes all you need is a nice finishing enhancing the beauty of the staircase area. Like, you can keep the stairs and railings in pure white shades and keep the walls beside it matching the same colour. But there are items like stair runners that you can find in exclusive colours and patterns which have the power to transform the entire look of your staircase perfectly.

The gallery wall near the staircase area

You know we have to mention this! The idea of a gallery wall near the staircase is something that has been passing on since centuries and still stays prevalent. You can create a dynamic effect in your hallway by putting up your personal photographs framed elegantly near this area or just pick an exclusive theme and get pictures in keeping with that theme displayed on this area (example – desert hues, ocean vibes etc.) — any of these would work really fine and create a fantastic impression.

These are the best and exclusive ways to make your staircase interesting. Try them out to know the magic they create in your hallway!

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