Yoga For Corporate Workers

Be it work from home or work from the office corporate life has always been hampering the personal life and causing issues like anxiety, stress, and finally back problem. The end solution definitely cannot be leaving your job and we know that we have to cope with it. Thus today I am here at your rescue with some amazing yoga poses that you can perform while you are doing your work. All these courses are taught in the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh where these poses are specially planned under the corporate sector poses. Yoga has some unmeasurable benefits and there is no alternative to it.

All the poses that we shall discuss are very easy to do and can be done at the workplace as well. Doing all these at certain intervals will surely help you. Some poses don’t take much time and can be done anytime during the day, especially from your workspace. There are other poses for problems like back pain, shoulder pain, migraine which are some common outcomes for corporate workers. The poses today will help you prevent all these problems thus let’s begin.

1. Breathing-

Breathing should be the very first thing that should be the priority. These yoga asanas are helpful but what one must focus on at the very first is focusing on his or her breathing. For doing so sit at the very edge of your chair with hips and ears aligned. Next, up your feet should be flat on the floor touching just in front of your knees. Sit straight and start inhaling and exhaling. The entire process should be absolutely slow and steady and continuous. Repeat this for 10 breaths and slowly open your eyes. Breathing also relaxes the body as well as the mind and gives you a fresh start. This helps one to concentrate on work more as well. Thus practicing this at least two times a day is helpful.

2. Seated Twist-

A seated twist is something that churns your back muscles and relaxes them after you have worked for a pretty long time. What happens is that when one is working for a pretty long time the muscles freeze and this is the beginning of pain. But when you twist and turn them from time to time the muscles relax and this thus reduces the pain. This pain usually takes a permanent form. In this asana, all you need to do is sit back on your chair straight and turn on the wither side of your chair with your head once facing the side you are turning and once to the opposite direction. Repeat the turning 5 times on each side and do this after every 2 hours. In between work doing this pose will relax the body and will prevent it from any permanent damage. This pose is also recommended in the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh where these are followed and done after a long work.

3. Shoulder Rolls-

Relaxing the shoulders is thus also very important and a necessity. Shoulder rolls can be very relaxing at times. The reason is that at the end of the day your shoulder also is stressed out and doing this relaxes the shoulders as well. Thus this is such a very helpful pose. All you need to do is pick up your shoulder slightly towards the ceiling and start rolling on one side. Do this 10 times and then roll it opposite the side 10 times. After that, you can alternatively on each. This can be done in between works two o three times a day depending upon the stress level.

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4. Wide-Legged Forward bend-

A wide-legged forward bend is one of the most famous practices in the Yoga School in Rishikesh where the particular pose is working in your entire body. This pose is so easy and can be done in minutes without even getting up from the chair. All you need to do is stand up a little and keep the hip in a position where it is a little wider with hands on your hips and when you are exhaling fold the hips forward and when you are bending your knees slightly it helps. Then finally you can bring your hands towards the floor not entirely resting but slightly as if it’s hanging. Come up slowly and rea;x for few seconds.

5. Seated Back Bend Pose-

The seated backbend pose has to be done while you rea sitting on a chair and also this pose works on the back. All you need to do is sitting on the edge of the chair with your hand behind your chair and the spine straight. Then lean forwards but your hands should be at your back straight and tight. As you resume your original p[osition slowly inhale. Practice this pose 3 to 5 times and hold for about 15 seconds. This pose will relax your back and rejuvenate the body.

Thus these were the few poses that one can perform to prevent any permanent damage. These poses can be done in between work and can give a very rejuvenating and fresh feeling. Thus these few poses are best for people working in corporate sitting in front of the screen.

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