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Yoga practice can improve overall health as well as brain health. With its regular practice, all kinds of mental problems can be overcome, due to which peace of mind remains. When the mind is calm, then the person always feels happy and gets all his work done well. So to keep the mind calm, include the calming yoga asana mentioned in the article below in your daily routine

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1. Bridge Pose:

You can also do Setu Bandha Sarvangasana to calm the mind. Actually, this yoga can relieve stress and anxiety by calming the mind. Not only this, by doing this yoga, one feels light and relieved, which can calm the mind.

Method of doing yoga:

  • To do Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, lie down on your back by laying a yoga mat.
  • After lying down, keep both hands straight by the body.
  • At this time the speed of inhalation and exhalation should be normal.
  • Now slowly bend both the legs from the knee and bring them closer to the hips.
  • Then raise the hip as per your capacity. During this both, the hands will remain in the same position.
  • After coming in this posture, try to hold your breath for a few seconds.
  • After this, while exhaling slowly, bring the hips to the ground and straighten the legs.
  • In this way, one cycle of Setu Bandha Sarvangasana is completed.
  • You can do this up to five times in a span of a few seconds.


  • Stay away from this asana if you have back or knee-related problems.
  • Do not move the head while raising the hips.
  • If there is a problem in the neck or shoulder, then avoid doing this yoga.
  • Do not force the body too much.

2. Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

The benefits of Garudasana can be seen for peace of mind. It is counted among stress reducing yoga. Also, this yoga can work to increase concentration and improve the mind. For this reason, Garudasana is counted in the yoga that calms the mind.

Method of doing yoga:

  • First of all, by laying a yoga mat on a flat place, stand straight on it. At this time inhale and exhale at a normal pace.
  • Now bend the right leg at the knees and lift it slightly from the ground and bring it forward.
  • Then move the right leg behind the front of the left leg.
  • At this time the weight of the body will be on one leg and the right thigh will be on top of the left thigh.
  • After this, the arms will have to be crossed by bending the elbows. At this time the right arm should be above the left side.
  • Then try to make the posture of Namaskar by joining both the palms.
  • Stay in this state for some time as per your ability.
  • After this, reverse the action of yoga and come to the starting position. This is the half circle of yoga.
  • Now do this process from the other side as well.
  • This yoga can be done three to five times.


  • If there is a problem in the knees, ankles or elbows, then avoid doing this yoga in such a situation.
  • If someone has a problem with arthritis, then do not do this asana.
  • Pregnant women should stay away from this asana.

3. Marjariasana (Cat Pose)

Marjariasana can also be done for peace of mind. Actually, this asana can calm the mind by relieving stress. This is the reason why Marjarasana has been included in yoga to calm the mind.

Method of doing yoga:

  • To do this yoga, sit in Vajrasana by laying on a mat or mat.
  • Then spread both the hands in front and keep them on the floor. During this, there should be a distance of one fit between the hands.
  • After this, while putting weight on both the hands, bend forward and raise the hips.
  • Now straighten the thighs upwards and make a 90-degree angle with it.
  • At this time the chest will remain parallel to the floor and the body shape will resemble that of a cat.
  • Then take a deep breath and tilt the head backward.
  • After this, press your navel inwards and raise the lower part of the spine.
  • Then slowly while exhaling, tilt the head down and try to touch the chin to the chest.
  • At this time, keep your eyes between the knees, and during this time the hands should not bend.
  • Stay in this posture for a while and breathe slowly.
  • Now reverse this process and come to the starting position.
  • In the beginning, this yoga can be done for 5 to 10 minutes.


  • Avoid doing this asana if you have neck pain or injury.
  • Do not do this yoga during pregnancy.
  • If you have pain in your knees or back, then avoid doing Marjariasana.
  • If you have had any kind of surgery, then do not do this yoga asana.

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