The Three Essential Benefits Of Early Childhood Education

The current Covid -19 pandemic has changed the education

The current Covid -19 pandemic has changed the education system of the world. The college and university students are not suffering much; they have a lot of academic help sources. They can buy research paper, attend online group studies, etc. However, it is the juniors in need of early education who suffers. In the current situation, parents are in a tight spot to educate their children; some are waiting for the pandemic to stop to begin their child’s education. However, what they forget is the significance of early childhood education. Discussed below are the points to remind these parents of the benefits of early childhood education.

  1. Reducing the “school-to-prison candidates

Research paper writers highlight that early childhood education reduces the school-to-prison pipeline that is directly related to the rate of high school dropouts. A 2003 Bureau of Justice Studies report shows that 41% of imprisoned mates had barely attained high buy research papers school, clearly indicating the relationship between educational degrees and being out of prison. Another Texas study highlights that a student suspended from school for subjective offences is 2.85 times more likely to enter the juvenile correctional homes in the next academic year. The absence from school can turn them into a school dropout and places them at a greater risk to spend their life in prison and medical institutions at a 36% higher rate than that of the general population

  1. Closing the word gap

It is a common belief that most human brain development completes before a child reaches five years of age. The research, “The Early Catastrophe: The 30 Million Word Gap by Age 3,” highlights that the children from affluent families who can buy research papers online learnt 30 million more words than the poorest families. It reveals how long parents talked with children impacts their I.Q. and how they perform academically in their later life. It highlights early childhood education can impact the unequal development of young minds.

  1. The U.S. trails other countries in ECE

Cheap paper writers highlight that a child’s readiness for early childhood education plays a crucial role to determine how prepared he is to outshine in the competitive global economy. The National Center for Education Statistics brings out the buy research papers surprising detail that early school enrollment in U.S. schools is alarmingly low compared to other nations. The 2016 study shows the number of students enrolled in school in the specific age group:

  • 42% of 3-year-olds
  • 66% of 4-year-olds
  • 86% of 5-year-olds

What’s shocking is that the figures didn’t change much since 2000.

The discussion above highlights the benefits of early childhood education, especially in a country like the U.S.

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