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All That You Need To Know About Combi Boilers

The citizens of the United Kingdom are increasingly installing Combi Boilers at home, and some are even renovating their households for a new installation. While most purchase them as per the advice of the engineers, they do not quite have ample information about these boilers. This article will present the information that one needs to know before buying such boilers.

What is a Combi Boiler?

As the name suggests, a combi boiler combines a central heating boiler and a water heater in a neat, single unit. Combi boilers are condensing boilers, and the waste gases produced by the heating process generate more heat. The boilers are compact, cause minimum impact to the environment, and save up a lot of space. No wonder they are the most efficient option, so they are finding increasing application in homes today. Since water in a combi boiler heats up immediately, it is a much more efficient option than an immersion heater. 

Advantages of a Combi Boiler

  • Combi boilers are cost-effective and energy-efficient devices. It saves up on energy bills.
  • They are space-saving, compact devices.
  • There is no necessity for storage cylinders or water tanks for heating purposes. It prevents one from having to deal with the noise generated from the pumps too.
  • Installation, maintenance, and operational costs are low.
  • Immediate supply of hot water on demand. Only the amount of water that is required is heated up.
  • Being the most common installation option in the UK, experts for its maintenance are easily available.

How does a Combi Boiler work?

The water directly heats up from the mains. When the hot water tap turns on, the combi boiler detects the need for hot water. The gas burner turns on immediately, and a heat exchanger system transfers the heat energy to the water. It is how the water heats up in an instant. Under pressure from the mains, the water flows naturally without the need for a pump. 

Modern boilers also have a built-in pre-heat system. It is a small reservoir of water present at a certain temperature, which ensures instant access to hot water whenever you switch on the tap.

Is Combi Boiler my right purchase?  

Combi boilers have limited flow. While it is ideal for the average household with small flats with one bathroom, it is not the right choice for a large property with many bathrooms. Water pressure is another factor that demands consideration before buying a combi boiler since the boilers don’t function to their full potential under low mains water pressure. The size of the boiler (in Kilowatts) is determined depending on the size of the property. 

System Boilers, Heat Boilers are other kinds of boilers available in the market.

If you are looking forward to purchasing a Combi Boiler and unsure of where to buy from, a pioneer in the field is the Electric Combi Boilers Company that has been operating in this field since 2013. The company started the sale of the Elektra range of boilers along with the Italian manufacturers Fiamma. It aims to simplify the installation of electric boilers while also guaranteeing quality and safety. The experts of the Elektra team also ensure that the consumers save up on their budget by taking care of the cost required for combi boiler installation, service, and repair charges.


A combi boiler is the best buy for the environmentally conscious and average household as it is highly energy efficient. One can install it in kitchens and utility rooms too. With rebates in the offer, an interest in buying these boilers is on the rise.

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