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Is Back To Wall Toilet Perfect Fit For Your Bathroom?

Back To Wall Toilet Perfect Fit For Your Bathroom

The Back To Wall Toilet is a contemporary style toilet that has become a preferred choice in the last few years. With the continuous innovation in design, modern toilets are available in so many styles that it may become so much trouble deciding the type of toilet you want to choose.  Most homeowners find themselves in a fix on thinking whether to go for dual flush or single flush, a toilet with curved, straight, or curved lines, and most important among them whether to choose the toilet that hides cistern or not. 

The btw is a type of toilet that is a relatively modern innovation and can offer incredible benefits for anyone looking for a contemporary toilet. However, there is a number of things that you must look for before you decide about this type of toilet. 

Back To Wall Toilet – How It Different From Others

When comparing the Back to Wall toilet with the traditional close-coupled toilet, you will notice two major differences. The first one is that it will stand against the wall that is unlike others. Secondly, its cistern is not visible as it will be mounted against the wall or a WC unit.  That means you will need to fit the flush tank either inside the wall or inside the furniture unit. So, it is obvious that there is a huge difference between these two types of toilets. 

Back To Wall Toilet Perfect Fit For Your BathroomImportant Thing To Consider Before Upgrading For Back To Wall Toilet

Before you decide in favour or against the Btw toilet, there are several factors to consider. We have a discussion of them one by one. 

  • Is Space Saving Your Priority?

The one reason for preferring a wall-mounted toilet against the traditional one is space-saving concerns. It is no secret that a traditional toilet takes a lot of space. In comparison, the btw toilet is more space-efficient. It is because its cistern remains hidden either inside the wall or the WC unit. So, if you have limited space in the bathroom, then it can be your obvious choice. However, that does not mean this type of toilet is a miss fit for large or medium size bathrooms. You may not have space saving a top concern but may prefer this toilet due to many other reasons. One of them can be its attractive and beautiful look. 

  • Contemporary or Traditional Look?

While most people prefer a contemporary bathroom look, there are many who prefer a classic or traditional look. Although btw toilet is regarded as contemporary or modern style, you can still install them in your traditional bathroom. For such a purpose, you will need to choose the toilet bowl with the required look. Unlike other types of toilets, you can select bowl and cistern separately. Since there are several shapes of bowls available, you can choose the one as per your aesthetics requirements. 

  • Willing To Pay More?

Budget or costs are the biggest concern for most people. Traditional toilets are available as a single set and can cost you around a hundred pounds. But for the Back to Wall toilet, you may end up paying separately for the bowl and flush tank. Since the flush tank is a bit sophisticated in comparison to the close couple toilet, you should be willing to pay a bit more for this type of toilet. In addition to the costs of the unit, you may also have to pay higher costs for the installation. It is because the installation of this toilet is not only complicated but time-taking as well. 

  • Want Flexibility in Design Choice?

The great thing about back to wall toilet is that it offers the flexibility of design choices more than any other type of toilet. You can choose from dozens of designs from square to round and oval shape bowls as per your requirements. If you have limited space available and want a compact design, then you can opt for a short projection toilet bowl. You will not get such flexibility with any other type of toilet. 

Are You Looking For a Perfect Back To Wall Toilet?

In this article, we have few major things that you should keep in mind while choosing a Back To Wall Toilet. These are great for contemporary bathrooms and can help you in saving space in the bathroom. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have an extensive range of toilets, sinks, bathroom furniture, shower enclosures, and bathtubs available at reasonable prices.

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