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6 Ways to Reinvent Your Old Appliances

Everyone will agree to the fact that even the best and most expensive of all home appliances do not last forever. When they stop working, the very first thought you have is to get rid of them as their maintenance is expensive and bothersome. Or sometimes it happens that the appliances become useless completely and cannot be repaired. So, sooner or after, you have to get rid of these appliances. However, how about reinventing these appliances into something completely amazing and different? Sounds astonishing!

Here are 6 awesome ways to reinvent your old, useless and outdated home appliances into brand new, useful and functional décor for your home.

Kettles into aquariums

Kettles are probably the cutest home appliances you have in your kitchen; they make your beverage making easy as well as give your kitchen a beautiful look. But once they stop working, they are just a burden you try to shift from one cabin or cupboard to another or simply you just make them the part of your trash. But what if there is a way to make something completely adorable out of these kettles? You can turn your non-working kettles into an aquarium by introducing few garden goodies, water, and some goldfish. Make a layer of sand, rocks and moss at the bottom before making it lush with green water plants and place it anywhere in your home. It will look absolutely beautiful and also reinvent your useless kettle.

Fan into a wall piece

The broken vintage fan that is now not capable of providing you with a cool breeze, can turn it into a wonderful wall piece. Change your useless fan into a cool display for air plants. Firstly, remove the wire cage from the inside of the fan and then mount it on your room’s wall with a hook or a screw. Add some plants to it and here you are with an amazing wall piece.

Washing machine into a BBQ grill

Your washing machine may not still be useful because of one of the many reasons. However, there is a way to not leave the hand of your laundry partner. Although it cannot be used for the same purpose it can serve you in another way. Turn your old and inoperable washing machine into a perfect BBQ grill, ideal for BBQs, grill, s’mores, and more lawn fun. Simply extract the drum inside the washing machine and use it as a fire pit or a grill for your backyard.

Washing machine into a storage stool

One other way to reinvent your useless washing machine is to turn its tub into a stylish storage stool. Cut a piece of chipboard to the size of the tub and cover it with upholstery foam. Now cover it with high-quality fabric for a chic look and you are ready to place it at any side of your bedroom. This will not only add up to your room’s beauty and interior but also gives you some space to store your daily items in the tub-come-stool. Surely an amazing way to reinvent your unserviceable machine.

Pitcher blender into a lamp

Your old glass pitcher blender that is not in use anymore, you can make a beautiful hanging lamp out of this old friend. Invert the pitcher, remove the screw cap, and place a lamp kit inside it. This will add perfectly to your kitchen’s interior and not only will cost you nothing but also provides the rustic glow to the product.

Refrigerator into backyard drink store

There are times when you are planning a perfect BBQ party in your backyard but you also need a drink cooler Refrigerator that can look cool as well as keep your drinks cool throughout the party. Well, this dream party can come true with your defunct refrigerator that is not in your use anymore. Your refrigerator that has no hope to get back to be operable, can turn into an amazing backyard drink and food cooler. Place it in your backyard, cover it with wood, paint it if you like, and here you are ready to use it as your rustic cooler. At parties and get-togethers, you can place loads of ice in it and can put your drinks. This way, it will look perfectly amusable and also make your old useless freezer into something pretty amazing.

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