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Food and Drink

How to Make Authentic South Indian Sambhar Powder at Home

Sambar powder is a fragrant lentil-and-whole-spice blend. It can make any dish tasty as this powder is a mixer of many ingredients.

You can also add a specific ingredient called Sambar Podi to your sambar masala powder. The Sambar Podi is a spice powder that can transform your Sambar powder and give it a unique flavour.

Before we make sambar powder, we make muscle powder, then we mix these two and have a date.Simply add 1/4 cup freshly grated fresh coconut to the recipe.

Spices like cinnamon and stone flower are sometimes included in the final preparation.

Sambar Podi made ahead of time and stored for months.

Sambar Podi easily prepared at home using the following recipe. Basic Hygenic Economical Flavorful Takes approximately 15 minutes Stays good for around three months

Ingredients for making sambar masala at home Making sambar masala at home is healthful, inexpensive, and preservative-free, with the added benefit of ingredients easily available in your pantry.


When you use organic ingredients in the preparation, the flavour will be much better.

Now that you know why you should create sambar masala, the next step is to discover how to make it at home and compile a list of all the components you’ll need. Lentils You’ll need lentils such as chana dal and urad dal.

250 g coriander seeds 75 g fenugreek seeds 200 g whole dried red chillies 25 g cumin seeds/ jeera 25 g black pepper 1 1/2 inch turmeric root (substitute for turmeric powder) 10 g compound asafoetida A handful of curry leaves (optional)

Tips on how to prepare sambar masala at home Before you begin, keep the following in mind for the best results: Use spices that are fresh and within their shelf life.

To remove stones from spices like coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, and cumin seeds, they must be picked and cleaned.

Make sure the dried red chiles don’t have any mould on the inside. Break them open and inspect them for any yellowish or grey mould.

Other Tips for Making Sambar Masala at Home. You’ll need the appropriate proportions of vegetables and lentils, a fragrant spice combination. A subtle balance of sourness, sweetness, and spiciness to make sambar masala at home.

The quality of the vegetables you use has a significant impact on the flavour of your sambar.

Similarly, the sambar’s flavour is influenced the dal used. Sambars are made with either toor dal or moong dal, or a combination of the two.

Some people keep it simple with basic ingredients, while others use pre-ground spices and grind it fresh. All of these things have a significant impact on the flavour of your sambar.

Sambar Powder vs. Rasam Powder Both powders use the same ingredients, with the exception of a few.

You Sambar powder made Urad Dal and Chana Dal, whereas Rasam Powder is made with Toor Dal and Chana Dal.

Its utilisation in the separate dals, as well as their texture, aids in their differentiation.

Because to the addition of Dal, the Sambar is thick and creamy, whilst the Rasam is light and airy.

Usage Ideas Once you discover how to produce sambar powder at home. You find that it’s not only magical in sambar recipes,. It’s also versatile enough to used in a variety of other dishes. You can buy it from any online spices store in India.

Sabzi, Pulav, Curry, Biryanis, Bread Upma, RavaUpma. Other dishes that call for an aromatic flavour with a hint of spice all be made with sambar masala.

Storage Suggestions You may keep this handmade powder in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to six months. At room temperature, it will keep for three months.

If you don’t use an airtight container, the sambar masala will lose its flavour, aroma, and colour.

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