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Don’t Let the Winter and Salt Damage Your Driveway – Follow the Mindful Steps

In your part of the globe, perhaps, ice, salt, and winter constantly create issues for months. So, what about the houses and roads during these months? We are sure the State officials are there to care for the area. But you might be aware that your personal property is your own responsibility. You’ll have to ensure that your driveway stays well-maintained and free of ice and salt during these winter months.

Tips to keep your driveway safe from the damage caused by salt and ice

If you are aware of the damage that ice and salt can cause, you will do your best to keep your driveway safe from these elements. And for that, you’ll require some helpful tips that we have listed here for you:

1. Use only a limited amount of de-icing salt

Using the de-icing salt is important to keep the ice from causing more damage to your property. But whenever doing so, remember, never overdo it. If you’re consuming it too much, the plants and trees are going to get damaged and won’t grow properly. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it at all. A little quality, needful as per your requirement to de-ice, is enough.

2. Go for tough driveway material

If you live in a location where you have to bear long, winter months, then you should opt for a super tough, non-slippery driveway surface. Like, concrete for example! It can withstand any kind of temperature with incredible toughness and also doesn’t become too slippery because of ice or salt. If you are really looking for an attractive driveway option, then we will suggest you go for exposed aggregate driveways. In Melbourne, Cura Concrete has an excellent team of trained workers performing such tasks as exposing the aggregate from your concrete floor and making it an ideal floor or surface for your driveway. Well, now no amount of ice can damage this section of your house easily.

3. Ensure the driveway and landscaping is properly graded

Grading or proper inclination of your driveway and landscaping ensures that the water flows away from your property. And this helps in preventing a lot of ice formation in the area as well. If you are keeping this criterion in mind and renovating the exterior of your house just before the winters, you are going to protect your property really easily.

  • Add snow fence: Snow fence is basically just like your normal fencing. It blocks the flow of snow in a particular area. If you are installing the snow fence just in front of your driveway and in even the landscaped area, you are automatically blocking 50% of damage happening from snow on your property.
  • Minimize salt damage with water: Whenever you find that the freezing temperature has gone up and some of the ice has reduced, you can use water to cleanse off the salt from your driveway and the plants. This will prevent the damage that happens due to high exposure to salt.

Snow and salt are natural phenomena that you can’t control. But at least you can protect your property from getting damaged due to these. Try these simple steps, and you can thank us later.

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