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5 Tips to Choose the Nightstand Decor For Your Bedroom

Why is there such a desire in the furniture store for this tiny object, usually a small table with drawers? Nightstand decor is the night tables or bedside tables placed at the foot of a bed or near a handy location in your bedroom. Even though it is not the focal point of our bedroom, it cannot be overlooked among the other items.

You are reminded of it when you want to keep a glass of water or while you are sitting on your bed enjoying a cup of coffee. It has a lamp on it for all the bookworms who enjoy reading their favorite book late at night. Take a note of this single furniture item before deciding whether it is a very beneficial addition to your bedroom décor.

Place all the necessary things on it.

Do you feel compelled to get one or two nightstands? After all, when you come in from outside, this is the only place where you may put your keys and other belongings from your pockets and wallets. Your nightstand will assist you in keeping your bedroom clutter-free. All of your daily necessities, such as your pen, phone, glasses, or anything else you need when you wake up, will be within easy reach. This will help you save time in your hectic morning routine. The nightstand can be used to pick up your iPhone or iPad instead of resting on the floor.

Keep your alarm clock.

Keeping your alarm clock on your nightstand allows you to keep track of time and wake up in the morning without having to push the snooze button. Keep your landline phone, as well as your mobile and charger, on the stand next to your lamp. This allows you to pick up your phone call even if you are fast asleep.

Place a lamp on it

Place a lamp on the nightstand’s corner in such a way that you can reach the light switch. You will be able to turn on the light whenever you choose, even in the middle of the night. Keep picture frames of family photos or souvenirs from your last holiday on the table to personalize your bedroom space. You may also add some freshness to the space by placing a vase with many fresh flowers.


All nightstands should be designed to meet your fundamental bedside needs. The height of your nightstand should correspond to the size of your bed. So, for a platform bed, we should choose a very low nightstand, and for a high bed, we should choose a tall one. If you need to cram everything into drawers, choose the one with the most drawers and storage space.

Mix and match with the furniture

Wooden nightstands provide dimension and space to your home, and if they complement your bedroom set, they also bring luxury. Even if you choose to mix and match your room’s furnishings, having a pair of matching nightstands will help complete the appearance. Polished chromes and stainless steel are used to emphasize contemporary ones. Brass and antique iron hardware are used to create traditional and antique nightstands. A deep cabinet behind the bed can sometimes be used as a bedside table. Bedside dressers can be used as bedside tables as well.

Nightstands in dark hues, such as black or walnut, will anchor a room with too much light, but those in light colors, such as oak, maple, or cherry, will enhance brightness.

Final words

If you’re shopping for a nightstand décor for your bedroom, then you have to consider all these things. You can find the best one for your bedroom with these tips.

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