What Are The Different Types Of Car Repairs?

Everyone needs to get their car repaired to maintain it for a long time. You must have wondered why they ask you which type of car repair you want when you visit a car service centre.

If you do not know what different types of car repairs are, you may face little trouble at the service centre. So, why not understand the different types of car repairs beforehand. Here is a comprehensive description of types of car repair services.

Replacing Spark Plug

A spark plug is a small component of the car. Its function is to kickstart your car’s engine. These parts are cheap, but if it gets even minor damage, the ignition coil and the spark plug both need to be replace. If you don’t do these car repair Newbury, your engine will not be able to start. To save yourself from huge expenses, replace these parts with new ones.

Oil Filter replacement

This service is the most common repair service. Oil in your car needs to be changed regularly. Oil replacement is essential to enhance the performance and life of your car. To keep driving smoothly, get your car’s oil changed with its filters.

Oil Filters replacement is unavoidable because these filters get clogged due to the oil residue left in them. Changing oil and oil filters will help you drive smoothly and safely. Doing this regularly will maintain the lubricating and cooling effect of your car fluid.

Tyres Replacement

This is a very crucial service as tyres are the only part which remains in direct contact with the road. You need to be extra cautious with tyres if you want to travel safely. If the tread pattern of your car gets any damages, it will catalyse the wearing of your tyres.

And that is absolutely a bad sign. Also, driving recklessly could cause wear in your tyres. If your tyres get puncture, it will lead you to lose speed and control of your car. And this will cause excessive wear and tear in your car tyre. Therefore, replace the tyres at the right moment and drive safely.

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

This sensor measures the oxygen concentration in the exhaust system of your car. With the increasing age of your car, the oxygen sensor also gets old and needs to get replace sooner. The oxygen sensor enhances the performance of the car’s engine and maintains its fuel consumption.

Whenever there is even a small defect in the oxygen sensor, the engine performance, speed, and reduced fuel efficiency of your car will depreciate. So, If you find these problems with your car, do get the oxygen sensor check as soon as possible.

Catalytic Converter replacement

This is a part of the car’s exhaust system. It neutralises harmful compounds like carbon monoxide in your exhaust. And increases the fuel mileage and performance. They usually do not get any damage easily, but when you ignore its repairs and drive rash, there will be significant wear and tear in the catalytic converter.

Thermostat Replacement?

This measures the heat in your car’s engine. The failure of the thermostat often occurs in older cars. This will have a serious impact on the performance of your and will not provide you with an expected speed. Therefore, it is important to get it replaced at the right time.

Brake Repairment

As we know that the condition of your car’s brakes is very important to ensure safety. The brake pads get worn off over time. It needs regular repairs, which are not too expensive. It is very important to keep a check on your tyre brakes and keep them in their best condition. Therefore, do visit a service centre for Brake Repair Newbury whenever you feel the need to.

Now that you have understood all the types of car repair services, you should visit Benten MOT & Auto Centre to get your car checked.


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