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Why is it difficult to apply for Canadian Immigration by yourself? 

Migrate to Canada


Canada is now open to foreign immigrants more than ever! 

  • Canada targets to welcome over 401,000 new immigrants annually in the next three years. 
  • The top 3 Canadian provinces attracting foreign immigrants include Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta. 
  • 84 percent share of Canadians surveyed thinks foreign immigration has been positive for Canada’s economy. 
  • Most successful foreign immigrants to Canada fall under the age bracket of 25-39 years in recent years. 
  • The number of study permit holders in Canada is increasing, reaching upto 638,960 students each year. 

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The above statistics give a rosier picture of Canadian immigration and fortunately, all of it is true! 

Canada is the only advanced economy in the world to offer direct permanent residence status to foreign skilled workers who neither have prior study or work experience in Canada. 

You’ll be even overwhelmed to know that the process of applying for Canadian immigration is straightforward and you can apply by yourself.

Most often, we have seen people commit errors in documentation due to lack of research and understanding of the immigration qualification and requirements which leads to rejection, or worst, ban due to misrepresentation. 

While online forums and communities can help you file your Canadian immigration application by yourself, nobody is familiar with your individual case. Getting help from an authorized Canadian immigration consultant can solve your problem.  

Who Can Represent You? 

The Government of Canada treats all immigration applications equally, whether they choose to apply with a representative or on their own.

An authorized representative will:

  • advise you on which program to apply for
  • complete or update your application on your behalf or
  • act on your behalf when dealing with immigration authorities. 
While the authorized representative cannot guarantee the approval of your immigration application, they’re familiar with your individual case.

They can help you structure your documentation accordingly and suggest various other alternatives to qualify for Canadian immigration which otherwise is not possible when applied on your own. 


Questions to ask your Immigration Consultant

You may not always find the right words to ask when meeting someone new and discussing your peculiar case for immigration. Here are some pertinent questions to ask your immigration consultant that we think might help you: 

  • I have been refused in the past, can you help?
  • Do you have enough experience in documentation and who will be working on my application?
  • Will you be the point of contact with the Canadian authorities on my application? 
  • Can you also help me find a job?
  • Why are your fees more expensive?
  • What are services am I paying for?
  • What happens if I cancel my contract? Will you refund my money?

An experienced consultant will be able to tell you how long the process will take and various issues you may encounter in the application process. Usually, such agencies have experienced staff to make simplify your entire application process.

Some consultants may even connect you with few genuine employers in Canada for a prospective job opportunity even before landing in Canada. 

Simplify your Immigration with CanApprove

Applying for Canadian immigration on your own is possible. Many have been successful in receiving Canadian visas on their own. However, enough has been discussed here, strengthening the case for Canadian immigration through a representative. 

CanApprove is a leading citizenship or immigration consultant who is a member in good standing of the Immigration on Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and duly authorized to represent any immigration aspirant. 

CanApprove is creating success stories since 1998. With consultation offices spread across India, UAE, Australia, and Canada, CanApprove has made economic-class immigration, business & family immigration simple.

The company has tie-up with genuine employers in Canada to match suitable job opportunities for direct permanent residence.  

Thousands of immigration aspirants have gone on to study, work and settle permanently in Canada with previous experience in the healthcare, IT, finance sectors. You may book your appointment here to discuss your Canadian immigration prospects with our expert consultants through a video call. 

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