How is marketing changing its style to catch up with the digital world today?

Traditional ways of advertising and marketing are passe when it’s about surviving and engaging in a technology-driven digital world. That’s why marketing is changing the narrative and becoming more and more digital with each passing day. Let’s see how things are changing in the marketing world.


The marketing goals of each organization are rapidly changing. Now they have broader and deeper objectives. And generating leads is not only the goal of the marketing process now. So, make a note to add the following goals with all other old purposes of marketing:

  1. Approaching customers correctly on the internet
  2. Getting customers engaged online
  3. Tracking & understanding customer’s behavior smartly
  4. Encouraging them to take a particular action digitally
  5. Bringing them into the sales funnel digitally


The whole perspective of approach in marketing activities is changing now. Approaching people on the field and converting them into leads is an old-time tale. Initially, marketing activities were product-centric, now those are becoming customer-centric. It’s more about how the company’s product can solve customer issues.

Now companies are trying to be in customer’s digital life. And increasing social media followers are equally important, like increasing sales.

The way:

When your goals and approach change with time, the way you achieve them will also change. Marketing is also changing its course and becoming more tech-savvy like customers. Digital marketing is emerging as a star weapon of companies to tackle competition. 3D Videos, 360 videos, infographics, interactive digital content, and mixed reality are trending.

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digital marketing

Advantages companies get through digital content marketing

  • With digital marketing, companies can approach a large customer base in a more targeted manner at a time.
  • Digital content can influence a prospective customer to follow the company’s page, download freebies, participate in activities, and purchase products.
  • It helps companies to eliminate geographical limitations in the market. With digital marketing, they can easily approach anyone across the globe.
  • Digital applications and interactive content can gather data about customer behavior, and modern web apps can offer quick reports and learnings.
  • Digital marketing helps the company to build long term contact with the customer base via digital platforms like blogs, social media pages, websites, and mobile application

How are companies adopting this Digital trend in marketing?

Videos: Companies are approaching their customer base with 3D, 360, and animated videos. Each type serves a different purpose: customer education, brand building, promotion, retention, feedback, and other marketing goals.

Graphics: Companies have started to use infographics, social media banners, social media ads, and 2D/3D graphics in their marketing activities to cope up with the current trends.

Mixed reality: Digital content and applications made with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the most advanced form of digital marketing. Also, the use of technology for other purposes like HR training and R&D is kicking off.

Virtual Events: Companies have opted to organize virtual events for promotion, product launch, product demo, and various marketing purposes. These digital events are helping companies to stay connected with their customer base efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Digital marketing is fast, easy, cost-effective, and is becoming an integral part of the company’s overall marketing activities. Many professional digital content developer agencies can help the company go digital with their skills in developing AR/VR and other hi-tech digital content. Ethosh Digital Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known and trusted digital content developer agency in the USA.

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