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What To Do If Your Nextbox Wireless Extender Is Not Working?

There are tons of Nextbox wifi extender available in the market with wide coverage, dual-band, guest control, compact and sleek design, and easy setup in an affordable price range. As no one is perfect, some have high coverage range but a slow data transmission range and vice versa. There is also a Next box Wireless extender available in the market with a great coverage range. It can extend the coverage up to 3000 square feet, even the router cannot have that range. Over 32+ devices can be connected at the same time. Data extending speed in this extender is also very fast, as it comes with ethernet ports which deliver almost 1200MBps speed. So, if you were thinking to purchase this product for your office, then that’s one you need to purchase. However, if you need it for your home, then you can go with brostrend wifi extender.

The Brotrend WiFi extender is also a budget extender that extends the coverage range up to 1200 square feet through which 20+ devices can be connected at the same time. With a compact and sleek design, it can be placed even in small places. It means this extender is perfect for your home.

Key Features Of Nextbox Wifi Extender


The Nexbox wifi extender covers a wide range of areas up to 3000 square feet with two inbuilt antennas. It helps to eliminate the dead spots by covering a range at every corner of your home and workplace.


It delivers a very high speed of 1200 MBps with the use of ethernet cables, so providing secure data transfer and connectivity with the computer, smart TV, mobile devices, etc. You can stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, in HD resolution without any lag.


It can work with almost all types of routers, which makes it easy to extend the signal coverage for 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It is also compatible with many more devices like Alexa, Mobile devices, smart television, etc.

Eliminates Dead Zones

It delivers coverage all over the room, workplace, etc, by eliminating the dead spot and provides a stable and speedy network connection. The inbuilt LED lights helps you to find a perfect location to established the connection between the router and the extender.

Simple Setup

Its setup is very simple. Hold the WPS button for 5 to 7 seconds and visit nextbox.home in the web browser and enter the login credentials to do the setup within a few minutes.


Simple, sleek, and compact design makes this device connect anywhere even in a small place, and can be portable from one place to another. Two-year warranty and 24*7 customer makes this device reliable to purchase.

Now we gonna explain what you can do if your extender is not working properly. These are the solutions you should follow to resolve this.

Troubleshooting Steps For Nextbox Wifi Extender If It Is Not Properly Working

If your Nextbox wifi extender is not working properly, it may be due to a weak signal. Make sure that the extender is properly set and it is within the range of the router for network connection. You can check by An LED light indicated by the extender on the top of the extender. There should be no devices close to the router. Otherwise, that device may connect and create a barrier to connect with the extender. Maybe the LED light is not able to guess the proper location, then you should try placing the extender at different locations. Sometimes, the ethernet port is not working properly, check the port and make sure that the wire is properly connected. Reset the extender settings by WPS button if none of the above solutions works. You may also contact customer care which delivers 24*7 support anywhere.

Final words for Nextbox Wifi Extender

I had been using this device for the last 15 months, all things in this device work great. It is a very good device with many great features. Its speed, signal strength, coverage, design, compatibility, reliability, and many more features will definitely attract buyers. Separate guest allows creating a private network. Compatibility with the smart tv, pc, mobile phone, will be a great thing to do video streaming and gaming. Setup is very easily done just by holding the WPS button and logging into the browser. It is suitable for the organization as its coverage range is unmatchable. Overall, a very good product. and I love it.

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