Vape juice 101: ALl the essential things that you need to know about e-liquids

You know how it feels, to be able to draw in the smoke from a lit cigarette and to breathe out the smoke later on. Well, if you happen to be a smoker, chances are that you are addicted to it already and need help to quit it altogether. Granted that’s easier said than done, and that’s why it makes sense to try out alternative means to try and quit smoking altogether. For starters, you would no longer be addicted to something as addictive as a cancer-causing product, and for another, your breath would not stink. That’s all the more reason that you need to check out the various vape juice and e-cigarette advantages and learn why they are more than essential.

  • Vape juice and what it’s all about

As an alternative means to smoking, smokers are generally encouraged to try out alternative means such as vaping, to quit smoking altogether. Vape juice is one of the essential parts of an e-cigarette where it is heated in the e-cigarette and this, in turn, creates an aerosol that’s inhaled for a high. That’s why it makes sense to check out the various Juul pods in the UK. These pods or cartridges are what helps to give the e-cigarette their unique flavor, and one that helps to make them stand out. And it is the ingredients contained in these pods that help give the user their high. You may want to do your research and you’ll find that while most e-cigarette companies have the required finances to test out their pods, most of the home manufactured brands remain an unknown factor as far as the ingredients are concerned.

  • The ingredients

When it comes to Juul pods in the UK, you’ll find out that they often differ from one to the other in terms of flavor and strength. Some are designed to give you the original Virginia cigarette flavor while others are tweaked to provide you with a fruity, strawberry finish. When it comes to vape juice and pods, there’s little regulation as to what goes in a pod, so you would need to do your research. But it should be a safe bet to opt for branded pods, which are often backed by solid research and manufactured by the big companies rather than opt for something created at one’s home.

  • Is it safe?

Now, this is a billion-dollar question as the vaping market in the UK led to revenues of over 2.8 billion dollars. But that said, there are a lot of players manufacturing vaping juices and pods at home, with little or no regulation. It needs to be strictly regulated and soon at that. For the moment, e-cigarettes are much safer compared to the traditional ones which still happen to cause lung cancer. You need to take a call as to whether to opt for e-cigarettes or not but you need to do your research.

  • The impact

When it comes to vape and e-cigarettes, the effect on society at large is mainly beneficial, unlike traditional cigarettes. It does not harm the bystander and it certainly does not cause anyone else to inhale harmful smoke containing any carcinogens. On the whole, e-cigarettes are a safer bet, compared to traditional cigarettes.

Just make sure that you check out all the information and carry out the required research before you opt to purchase your next cigarette. You might be surprised at some of the facts that crop up.

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