Ultimate Moving Checklist for Household Shifting

Ultimate Moving Checklist for Household Shifting

Are you thinking of moving your household items to a new location? If you are worried that it is going to be a taxing task, then you are right. Moving to a new location can be very tough and that would require a lot of planning and strategize. Before the D-Day arrives, you will have to take care of a lot of work. This is only possible if you know any basics of packing and moving.

Shifting may sound simple, but it is far from it. Just think of a refrigerator, and you would know how difficult things are going to get along the way. Multiplying its difficulty by 10 will be equivalent to what you are going to experience when comes to household shifting. In case you prepare a moving checklist will help ease this process a bit. The checklist is a lifesaver for those who want to get some mental peace during the shifting.

Moving happens fast and drains you out of energy, making it difficult for you to settle down in the new location. You need to have proper plans in place and know how to manage things well. For all this, you will have to prepare a moving checklist. So, why do you need the checklist in the first place?

You need a checklist for the following reasons:

  • Helps you with the planning of the move
  • Maintains budget and plan the shifting around it
  • Doesn’t allow you to forget any important details
  • You can relax and enjoy the move, knowing that there is nothing that is left.

If you are questioning how to get this done, then we have some tips for you. Have a look at some of them and then plan the shift to help you with the whole planning.

Pointers for Preparing Moving Checklist

Now that you know the importance of preparing the checklist, you would be curious to know how to plan one. A perfect moving checklist will help you with the move without any itch. For that, you will have to jot down a few things that will help you in penning an accurate checklist. Here are a few things that you need to add to your checklist so that, you can proceed smoothly with the relocation.  Check them out and add them to your checklist.

  • First and foremost, add the stages of getting the best packers and movers Pune to Bangalore for moving your things. It is easy to drift away in the process and leave this task to tomorrow. That could do more harm than good. The earlier you book the packers, the more relaxed you will be. When you book the moving company, half of your budget is set, and you can plan your things around the moving date with ease.
  • Next, you need to segregate things up and try to divide them into two categories, which are toss or keep. The items that you are planning to keep can be packed right away, whereas those you are thinking of tossing can be again divided into two categories: donate and sell.
  • Once you have categorized each of the things, it’s time to take action against them. Set the date in your checklist so that you can get rid of them by then. Make sure you have time to pack those items that you wanted to sell but couldn’t.
  • Planning to do the packing yourself, then we suggest you add a point in your checklist to get the packing materials. You will need some time to accumulate an adequate number of packing things such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, labels, etc. You can check out some DIYs to help you with the packing but then get the packing materials then sit to get the DIYs. Furthermore, you can be sure to do a good job with the packing then by saving a lot of money for you. If you have time, you can also opt for eco-friendly options in packing.
  • If you have decided on the packers and movers Hyderabad to Chennai earlier, then it is time to get them to come for a pre-move survey and generate the estimate for the shifting. Try to visit the company and understand the atmosphere of the place first hand. This will help you get a general idea about the company you are dealing with and the first-hand experience of the services they provide. You can also check out whether the company is genuine or fake, personally.
  • Budget preparations and while allocating the budget split them into two: pre-and post-move costs.
  • Settle all the bills that need to be done before leaving the place finally. Make sure you clear all the debts at least 5-6 days prior to the move. This will take a burden off your shoulder.
  • Do take out time to prepare an essential bag. Yes, prepare a large suitcase that has all the things that you would need for the 2-3 days after the relocation until your things arrive. This includes a towel, toiletries, socks, lingerie, casual dress, etc. You can also add snacks, toys for your kids, or books that you cannot do without until your things arrive at the destination.
  • It is time to keep the documents sorted and place them in the folder. Keep it in the bag of essentials so that, you don’t forget about them. This will include your medicals, insurance papers, lease papers, etc. It is easy to displace them amidst a rush, so you may want to take care of them first.
  • Don’t forget to change the address in organizations before moving. You will have to make a list of institutions such as banks, PF offices, broadband connections, insurance offices, and even the e-commerce site. This will help you take the burden off your shoulder. Make sure you get this done at least 15 days before so that there is no chance of missing them altogether. This may seem a mundane task, but it can become a problem later on. Especially the gas connection office. You may have to return the cylinder or get the new connection in the new location. So, make sure you get that done on a priority basis.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection should be done in the new house as a precautionary measure. You can book a service provider or do it yourself, but be prepared to take a day off from your busy schedule to get the task done. You can opt to do it on a weekend also.
  • Prepare your own inventory if you have time. Make sure the inventory list provided by the company and prepared by you is the same.

Final Word

Now that you have a basic idea as to how you can plan the move, you are almost ready to get the shifting done. Start by picking the right Car Transportation in Hyderabad so that, you can plan the surrounding move. This will also help you in organizing the move. Preparing it for them beforehand will help you make this taxing work into a simple one. Following the checklist by word will help you get the packing and moving done in the best possible way. It is not just about packing and moving things from one place to another, but it matters how it reaches the destination.


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