Traveling with Your Inflatable Paddle Board During the Holiday Season

The holiday travel season is upon us. That means millions of people will be crisscrossing the country to all sorts of destinations to see family, friends, and to just get away. With travel in mind, you might be thinking of taking your inflatable paddle board along for a trip this season. If you are heading to a warm environment, paddleboarding season might still be in full swing.

There are few better ways to explore new environments than while paddleboarding. Although traveling with your blow up SUP might seem fairly straightforward, it is still good to know a few things ahead of time. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind as you travel with your inflatable SUP this holiday season.

Plan Ahead to Bring Your Inflatable Paddle Board

Planning ahead is crucial when traveling with a paddleboard. Specifically, when it comes to airline travel. Holiday airline travel already comes with challenges without throwing an inflatable SUP into the mix. First, check your airline’s baggage guidelines. You likely won’t be turned away for bringing your inflatable SUP along. However, you may incur some fees due to size or weight restrictions. Avoid any unnecessary or surprise fees by measuring and weighing your packed inflatable paddle board ahead of time.

Once you’ve planned to bring your blow up paddle board along, you need to make sure you have the right travel gear.

Invest in Inflatable Paddle Board Travel Gear

If you don’t already have SUP travel gear, now’s a great time to get some. Once you travel with your SUP once, you’ll likely want to do it again, so the investment is worth it. The most important piece to own is a SUP travel bag. This an incredibly useful accessory to have not just for travel but also general SUP storage. You want a bag you can carry on your shoulders along with roller wheels for maximum convenience and portability. Another worthwhile investment is the three-piece SUP board paddle. These paddles are a must for travel, thanks to their ultra-portable design. Even better, invest in a three-piece paddle made with carbon fiber. These are incredibly durable and lightweight.

With the right travel gear, now you need to ensure all your accessories fit into your travel plans.

Make Sure Your Inflatable Paddle Board Accessories Fit

Consider this another step in planning ahead. It often gets forgotten about until the last minute, but make sure everything fits into your inflatable paddle board travel bag. This includes your deflated and folded paddleboard, the three-piece paddle, air pump, fins, leash, and repair kit. This step isn’t just making sure everything fits but also ensuring you don’t forget anything. You don’t want to arrive at your destination only to find the air pump is missing. Talk about deflating.

With your accessories packed and loaded and the right travel gear, it’s time to enjoy your trip! If you follow these tips, you and your paddleboard are sure to get to your destination intact and ready for the water.


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