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Health and Fitness

Top 12 Tips From Neuroscientists To Stay Young

Top 12 Tips From Neuroscientists To Stay Young: We all want not to age as long as possible, but an anti-ageing drug has not yet been invented. Therefore, neuroscientists suggest using 12 ways to slow down the aging process in humans.

After all, it is very important to understand how old you are, and not what your passport number is. We present to your attention the advice of neuroscientists. If you want to calculate your age then you can calculate it from the age calculator.

The Top 12 Tips From Neuroscientists To Stay Young Are:

1. Find yourself, friends.

If there are no friends in your life, then in the list of your goals, make their search the first item. A special section of chromosomes is responsible for the aging process, which can be positively influenced by long-term friendship. 

Research results show that the presence of friendly and benevolent relationships with other people in a person’s life slows down the aging process of the human brain and body.

2. Dance.

If you are thinking about how to slow down the aging process of the body and brain, take up dancing. Especially for women, the effect will be much better than intense training, and the result will affect both the brain and the body.

More benefit will be from a variety: change the musical genre, rhythm, learn new combinations of movements. Such activities improve memory and learning ability.

3. Learn to control stress.

Try to perceive the problems that arise as problems for which you need to find a solution. This attitude will increase blood flow to the heart and brain, as well as trigger small surges in the hormone cortisol.

Which helps build a defence response to negative and stressful events. This is one of the important factors in slowing down the onset of old age.

4. Go to public places.

Begin to lead an active lifestyle: surround yourself with communication, friendship, various meetings, cultural events. Change your attitude to work. 

Let it become a place to communicate with people, not a place to earn money. All positive emotions prolong youth and help slow down the aging process.

5. Learn something new.

With age, brain functions do not work as actively, but you can maintain a high level of intelligence and thinking through the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

To keep a clear mind, learning a foreign language is ideal for adulthood. Obtaining new knowledge is not easy, but the result will not be long in coming. For your information, having a college degree will help you live longer as educated people lead healthier lifestyles.

6. Buy a bike.

Scientists have shown that regular cycling affects the aging process. Cycling enthusiasts constantly have blood cholesterol levels in the normal range. Men keep testosterone levels high.

Aging of cyclists’ bodies occurs optimally, without creating such problems as in the absence of constant physical exertion.

7. Eat less.

Cut back on portions if you’re thinking about aging more slowly. At the same time, the biochemical processes in the body change, affecting the aging of cells.

It should be noted that the diet must contain vitamins and nutrients in full. In addition, due to a decrease in portions, the incidence of diseases decreases, more energy appears, the level of which is significantly reduced when overeating.

8. Eat porcini mushrooms.

Porcini mushrooms – this is how you can slow down the aging process. According to research, the regular inclusion of porcini mushrooms in the diet promotes rejuvenation.

This feeling arises from the presence of ergothioneine and glutathione in mushrooms, which neutralize damaged cells. In addition, these substances can prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

9. Reduce the number of sweets.

Reducing the number of sweets affects both your figure and the aging process. When there is a shortage of carbohydrates in the body, a chemical is produced that protects cells from damage.

An increase in the diet of fish, meat and vegetable oils, which are saturated with healthy fats, reduces the occurrence of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and oncology.

10. Limit cell phone communication.

Long conversations on a mobile phone cause aging ahead of time, since blood cells, liver, endocrine glands, heart, the brain constantly receive electromagnetic radiation from gadgets.

Egyptian scientists saw an increased risk not only for those who use gadgets but also for people who live near industrial plants, network towers. Try to use a headset when talking on the phone, or communicate more on Skype.

11. Don’t use boilerplate phrases.

Try to use other answers to standard questions every day (“How are you?”, “What’s new?”, “What are you doing?”). Put in your mind an interesting anecdote, a quote.

Find a new joke, an interesting story, and tell it while communicating. Thus, you will stimulate memory, as well as the centres of speech of the brain – the left temporal region of Wernicke’s and Broca’s zones.

12. Do coordination exercises.

Coordination training increases brain performance. Follow this simple exercise:

  • Take a lemon and a chair.
  • Lie down with a chair behind your head and hold the lemon between your legs.
  • Position your legs so that you can place a lemon on the chair.
  • Lower your legs to the floor, then lift them up again and grab the lemon from the chair, returning to the starting position (someone in good physical shape can put the lemon on the floor behind your head).

And, of course, in order to stay young, full of energy, think and effectively solve various problems for longer, you need to regularly develop your brain. Use Wikium trainers for 10 -15 minutes a day, and very soon you will notice how much better your brain works.

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