The Ultimate List of Salons for Keratin Treatment in Dubai

Time to bid farewell to frizzy damaged hair with a . Known for its transformative qualities, the treatment removes frizz and adds a healthy radiant shine to your hair. Let’s explore the top beauty salons offering Brazilian Blowout in Dubai for effortlessly glossy hair. Bear in mind though, that it’s important to evaluate the treatment and whether it will suit your hair texture before opting to try it at one of these salons.

Keratin Treatment in Dubai?

Without a doubt, Keratin treatment is extremely popular among both men and women in Dubai. Keratin is a protein layer that seals hair cuticles and removes frizz, resulting in smooth and lustrous hair. It’s the ideal hair treatment for individuals who desire a sleek appearance.

It’s important to note that keratin isn’t a one-size-fits-all hair treatment because it’s not suitable for all hair textures and types.

You’ll be relieved to learn that keratin hair treatment in Dubai works on a wide range of hair textures, including those that have been previously colored, chemically treated, or are routinely flat-ironed. Keratin is essential if your hair is dull and frizzy.

Keratin can be used in a variety of ways. The following are frequently seen in Dubai:

  • Brazilian Keratin – Brazilian blowout is another name for it. It’s best for persons with curly hair, which is prone to the humidity in Dubai, and it can last up to 6 months.
  • Soft Keratin – A soft keratin treatment that removes frizz while keeping the curls in your hair. It’s best for fine or medium hair textures, and it can last up to two months.
  • Japzilian Keratin – This procedure is a mix of Brazilian and Japanese hair treatments that can last up to ten months. This therapy will take 3 to 4 hours.
  • Keratin Express – It’s best for short-term smooth and silky hair because it lasts up to 6 weeks. Those with wavy or straight hair that becomes frizzy due to the UAE’s humidity should use this product.

Salons in Dubai, on the other hand, may provide their own line of keratin products and treatments that differ from the standard types and may be marketed under other names. For instance, a Super silk Infusion is a deep conditioning treatment, and a Rusk Deepshine Smooth Keratin is a thioglycolate-free and formaldehyde-free treatment that takes less than 10 minutes.

Below are our best-recommended places to get a keratin treatment in Dubai.

Nstyle Beauty Lounge

The NStyle Beauty Lounge is a multi-award-winning beauty salon and lounge with outlets on the Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Umm Suqeim, and the Jumeirah Lake Towers, also known as JLT. NStyle is one of Dubai’s best salons, specializing in the renowned Brazilian Blowout. NStyle is also regarded as one of Dubai’s best beauty salons.

The treatments at this salon are matched to the type of hair you have. Use the complimentary consultation with a senior NStyle hair expert to determine which Brazilian Blowout is best for your hair type. You may also book your appointment with a few taps using the NStyle app.

Rami Jabali Spa & Salon

If you have dry, damaged, weak, unmanageable hair with a lot of frizziness and are considering other procedures like Brazilian Blow Out, Keratin treatment, Botox, or Protein treatments, you should know why Anti-Frizz treatment is the best and safest option. 

From the roots to the ends, the Anti-Frizz treatment creates a protective layer on the hair’s surface. The open cuticles of the hair will be closed, and the damaged frugal hair will be strengthened. As a result, the dry hair will be “treated,” and your hair will feel soft and smooth.

Other Treatments

Such as Brazilian Blow-Out, Keratin treatment, Botox, and Protein treatments are all performed at Rami Jabali hair salon & spa. Rami and his team are committed to enhancing their clients’ appearance by artistically emphasizing natural traits and giving high-quality makeovers and fashionable haircuts.

Kozma and Kozma

Kozma & Kozma on Al Wasl Road is another hair salon in Dubai that offers Brazilian Blowout. Professional and well-trained stylists with years of experience in Brazilian Blowout treatments may be found at the salon.

The Brazilian Blowout hair treatment uses a liquid keratin mixture to coat each strand in a protective coating. It shields the hair from the elements and keeps humidity at bay. The end result is hair that is healthy, lustrous, and frizz-free.


Machka is the next salon on our list of the finest Brazilian Blowout salons in Dubai. The salon is proud to be the first in Dubai to provide Brazilian Blowout hair smoothing treatments. Machka’s skilled beauty specialists are fully knowledgeable about each product in the popular hair treatment categories, ensuring a pleasurable salon visit. Make an appointment for a hair smoothing treatment and enjoy healthy, lustrous hair.

Be Bar

Be Bar, on Jumeirah Beach Road, or JBR offers reasonably priced hair treatments. The Brazilian Blowout, a celebrity favorite, is one of their specialty hair treatment routines. This summer, protect and strengthen your hair with a blowout tailored to your hair type.

If you have curly or wavy hair, an experienced hairstylist at Be Bar can give it a new lease on life while preserving its natural wave and curl. They understand that all you need is abundant, lustrous hair with its natural texture.


HairPlay is a well-known hair extension salon and store in Dubai. The salon has locations in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) and Business Bay. The salon offers the full range of Brazilian Blowout treatments, in addition to a variety of hair extensions and other hair care services. The treatment can also be tailored to the specific demands of each client. So, consult with a stylist to know more about what is the right Brazilian Blowout hair treatment for you.

Highlight Hair Salon

Highlight Hair Salon is the place to go in Dubai for a hair smoothing treatment. Brazilian Blowout is one of their most popular hair treatments, which transforms coarse, frizzy, and rough hair into silky smooth, straight strands. Make an appointment to speak with a professional about your options.

The Blowout Bar

When done correctly by a competent hair specialist at The Blowout Bar in Dubai, a Brazilian Blowout hair treatment may do wonders for your hair. You may rest confident that you’ll be in good hands at one of Dubai’s best Brazilian Blowout spots. On the official website, you can make reservations online.


When you go into Pastels, you can tell they’re serious about hair by the sleek and simple decor. The stylists here are passionate about your hair journey, so you’re invited to come in for a consultation before booking your appointment, where they’ll help you shape your vision and give you time to think about it. When you meet George, a Vidal Sassoon-trained stylist, you’ll know you’re in good hands with his professional, understanding, and realistic style recommendations. People who are familiar with Pastels will know that one of its best features is its hair washing station, where you can lie back and relax while getting a fantastic head massage. It’s on the higher end of the price scale, but it’s well worth it for the full salon experience. They also provide a variety of additional beauty services.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the best beauty salons in Dubai that offer Brazilian Blowout. This hair treatment has a plethora of advantages. It doesn’t require regular touch-ups or redos, and it lasts at least two to three months. It’s ideal for the UAE’s humidity and heat, and it looks great on any hair type, straight, wavy, or curly.

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