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Important Reasons to Learn JavaScript in 2021

Our passion is to learn multiple languages, especially new languages, with excellent features as a developer. Many languages are being used to develop different software, and commonly one language builds single or various applications. Burada hiç abartısız zeytinburnu en iyi escort bayanları bulabilirsiniz. Hemen randevunuzu alın. So for the frontend part, you learn a distinct language, and for the backend, you also pick up a unique language. The same goes for devices. For mobile, you learn different ones; for game development, you learn a different one. Even for a website, you know a unique language. Mostly, it is frustrating for developers to learn a new language for projects. They want to stick with one language that can perform any task. So, what is the solution? Can we learn a single language and manage multiple requirements together? Is there any language that can be used everywhere? Yes, there is.., and that language is JavaScript!

If you know a little about the programming language, you know JavaScript is everywhere. From small companies to big enterprises, most of them are using JS language to build applications. Earlier JS language was only used to make your page interactive and has limited features. But now the language is giving tough competition because of becoming part of server-side. Today, JS is visible almost everywhere. In addition, many JS frameworks and JS Libraries are also available that can do pretty much anything you want for your project.

Stack overflow reports 95% of websites use JS as a client-server language.

“Any application that can be written in JS will eventually be written in JavaScript.” 

— Jeff Atwood, 2007

But why is this language getting so hype and popular? What benefits does this language offer and others don’t?

Let’s discuss this in detail…

It’s The Most Used Programming Language

Our list begins with probably the most important reason! Based on Stackoverflow, JavaScript is the most used programming language utilized by professionals in the present. Even backend developers use JS more often than others.

It’s Within Your Browser

JavaScript is, in all likelihood, the language that is used by default on the Internet. Therefore, it’s unnecessary to look further than your web browser for evidence that JS is most likely the language developed to create it. Since browsers are an integral element of any internet experience, it’s simple to understand why JavaScript is so important.

JavaScript also Exists Outside of the Internet.

We use JS for a variety of purposes that go beyond typical internet functions. For example, it powers intelligent TVs and works with the Internet of things (IoT), develops native apps that run on iOS and Android, and creates cross-platform desktop applications, to mention just some.

JavaScript is Ideal for Newbies

Because it’s installed in every browser on the market in the present, JavaScript spares the rookies from the burden of creating an environment for development. Anyone new to the field can jump right into coding and begin. It’s one of the more accessible programming courses available as a valuable resource for novices. There’s also a vast online community offering help and guidance.

Additionally, JavaScript is an excellent instrument for novice programmers looking to broaden their knowledge of different languages. JS provides valuable abilities like functional, object-oriented, and imperative types of programming. Beginning developers, for instance, can apply these abilities to any programming language they’d like to learn, including Python, Java, or C++.

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JavaScript is Easy to Learn

It’s not only an easy language to learn. It is also a language that is easy to understand. JavaScript is also simple to master. JavaScript transforms complex details into abstract terms, making the process easy for the novice. Contrary to higher-level languages, JavaScript has more of a natural language feel.

You Can Create Visual Effects and Other Eye-catching Aesthetic Features

It’s a matter of creating a web page. Then there’s making an appealing and visually pleasing website that draws the user’s attention and inspires interaction. JavaScript is so flexible that it allows you to quickly add interesting design elements like animation, interactive maps, and even scrolling videos. Customers and businesses need web designers who can create a technically sound website and draw viewers. If you are familiar with JavaScript as your language, you can deliver it.

JavaScript is Versatile

A far cry from being a one-trick pony, JavaScript allows a programmer to manage all design aspects for apps. Are you looking to create user-side (frontend) programming? It is possible to do this by using Angular. Do you prefer the server-side (backend)? Add Node.js to the table, and you’ll be able to do that!

It is also possible to create desktop or mobile apps using Electron, React Native, and React. If you’re fascinated by machine learning, JavaScript can assist you in this area too.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking to become a web developer, then you’ll need to master JavaScript frameworks. However, you must start with basic vanilla JavaScript first.

The best method to learn JS frameworks is to try it. After reading about the language and its functions, you should practice with simple projects. In this way, you will learn quickly and become a full-stack developer or frontend/backend developer. It’s up to you.

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