Four Tips To Help You Promote Workplace Wellness With Remote Workers

In these COVID times, employees are working remotely more than ever before. Moreover, reports have shown that working remotely has helped employees become more creative & productive at their work, rather than working from a centralized location. However, there are still some certain problems that remote employees tend to face, one of which being the lack of face-to-face, physical contact with other employees. 

Some of the other issues that remote employees tend to face are:

  • Emotional and mental challenges due to long-term isolation from other employees
  • Cannot attend any group meetings
  • Difficulty in participating in team challenges
  • Obtain encouragement from other employees

Therefore, to cope up with the aforementioned challenges faced by remote workers,  proper workplace wellness strategies must be implemented.

Recommended Workplace Wellness Methods For Remote Employees

  1. Build A Health & Well-Being Program

As an employer, you have to ensure that your employees have proper access to health resources – irrespective of where they work from – either centralized or remote. That’s why creating a health & well-being program for all of your employees makes sense. The program can be propagated through your preferred mode of online communication – either Slack or Microsoft Teams – so that your employees can stay updated on the upcoming events.

Try to allocate time each week to catch up with all of your employees and also encourage them to share their progress, workout routines and diet regimes. You can also make the process a lot more exciting by holding online fitness or yoga sessions so that your employee energy levels can be at an all-time high. 

  1. Offer Remote Counselling

Most organizations think that workplace wellness programs are all about doing exercise and maintaining a nutritious diet. It has been reported that more than 80 percent of all employees feel stressed out at work and thereby look forward to overcoming the same. That’s where online remote counseling comes into action. 

Ensure that remote counseling is done exclusively for every employee so that every employee can enjoy a personalized experience – based on their day-to-day lifestyle and the challenges they face. 

  1. Healthy Habit Building Challenges

Building healthy habits into the minds of your employees will not only create a healthy work environment but also help in creating a sense of responsibility for the employees as well. And to do that, you can introduce some enjoyable health challenges for employees and use a scorecard to keep track of the progression. These challenges should be simple such as drinking the correct amount of water every day or even carrying out warmup sessions in between work breaks. 

However, you must remember to not impose numerous activities at once for your remote workers, otherwise, they may get overwhelmed and their productivity might decrease. 

  1. Host Get-Together Meetings

According to a professional service provider offering workplace counselling, hosting a get-together or feel-good meeting online with your remote employees will prevent them from feeling isolated. Such meetings will also help each remote employee stay connected with the other physical or remote employees, promoting group dynamics. 

Get-together meetings can be held on a specific day every week, such as Fridays or Saturdays. Also, offer some fun games & challenges in those meetings. 

If you want to know more about our workplace wellness services, don’t hesitate to connect with us at any time. 

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