7 Tips for Diablo 2 Resurrected Nightmare Difficulty

There are three difficulty levels in Diablo 2 Resurrected, Normal, Nightmare, and Hell. In this game, we have to unlock these three difficulties in turn. After defeating Baal on Normal difficulty, you will unlock Nightmare difficulty. Hell difficulty is unlocked after defeating Baal on Nightmare difficulty.

Below we’ll give you 7 tips for completing Diablo 2 Resurrected’s Nightmare difficulty.

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Nightmare Difficulty Changes

  • Debuff duration was reduced by 50%.
  • Life/Mana leech effectiveness was reduced by 50%.
  • Mercenaries now deal 35% normal damage to Act bosses.
  • Monster levels are increased.
  • Player resistances are reduced by 40%.
  • Players lose 5% XP upon death.
  • Some maps are larger.
  • Static Field cannot reduce monster health below 33%.

Understand The Setup

Like other RPGs with multiple difficulty settings, Diablo 2 Resurrected has adjusted difficulty levels. In the context of Diablo 2 Resurrected, the game offers special conditions on Nightmare difficulty that players need to remember during gameplay.

The basic premise:

  • A lot of explorable areas come to be bigger as more adversaries show up on the map.
  • Opponents end up being a lot more powerful as they boast extra health, defenses, as well as damages.
  • Death entails losing 5% of the present experience, with 75% of those shed factors obtained upon the access of the corpse.
  • A lot more enemies have special and also high important resistances. Similarly, players and also their allies have a 40-point charge to all resistances.
  • In talking allies, summons and Mercenaries deal just 35% of their damage when it pertains to story managers.
  • Some impacts have decreased impacts. As an example, Health/Mana Drain and also basic debuff impacts are currently 50% less potent. In the case of the Sorceress, her Static Field won’t reduce opponent wellness lower than 33%.

Raise your level

Considering the difficulty of Nightmare Mode, we should first upgrade the character’s level. Using the attributes brought by leveling up, we can easily defeat monsters in Nightmare difficulty.

At its core, the attack class determines the chance of any attack hitting an opponent. Many attacks and abilities have this, which means their effects don’t always hit enemies with stronger defenses. To avoid this potential caveat, players should maintain a level 10 or so advantage over their opponents, at least balanced defensively. This advice becomes more effective when focusing on a specific build.

Focus on ranged attacks

It makes perfect sense for players to rely on remote builds at a level of higher difficulty. Given that enemies have stronger overall defenses, attacking while protecting them from a distance is still guaranteed to kill them, albeit not as fast as normal mode.

In these cases, a physics-based ranged attack like the Amazon has to rely on the attack speed buff to maximize damage. Likewise, spellcasters like witches should find ways to increase their casting time to ensure faster casting.

Keep An Eye For Teleport Charges

Gamers in Nightmare will likely experience facing the wrong crowd, be it a suddenly massive crowd, an effective elite, or perhaps being embedded in a corner. Instead of panicking about a mobility spell or a Town Portal, a weapon with a practical Teleport cost can aid gamers to get out of a pinch. Luckily, as early as around Level 20, gamers can get hold of a fundamental Teleportation Staff for Ormus in Act 3 Normal.

When geared up on offhand, players can make use of the Staff to teleport out of pesky situations, like dealing with employers with hefty AOE like Baal. While fixing its costs can obtain expensive, stockpiling on Ort Runes and broken gems can promptly fix costs. Players who challenge versus tougher foes would discover this Staff rather handy.

Use the correct Runewords

Among all the d2r ladder items in the game, the overall benefit of using runes is higher than gems. At the same time, we can combine suitable runes into powerful Runewords.

Runewords recommends:

  • Lore (Ort+Sol): Skill level +1. And thanks to its mana per kill and 10 energy boost, the caster can get a much-needed resource boost.
  • Insight (Ral+Tir+Tal+Sol): When equipped with a Hireling, players can receive a significant boost to their Mana pool and overall casting.
  • Rhyme (Shael+Eth): Rhyme remains a decent Runeword for melee characters, particularly for its overall boost in defenses.
  • Smoke (Nef+Lum): The Smoke Runeword remains an ever-reliable Runeword for most players thanks to its plentiful boost to Resistances.

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