The Best and Detailed Sponsorship Guide You Are Looking For

The Best and Detailed Sponsorship Guide

Virtual event sponsorship is a method of keeping organizers and attendees engaged during the event; it is a method by which organizers get monetization for their events. If you have been wondering about sponsorship, you don’t need to look further. In this blog, we will take you through a detailed guide about virtual event sponsorship.

What is virtual event sponsorship?

In simple words, while organizing an event, when a company is supported externally with funds in exchange for some benefits it is known as sponsorship. Let’s make it easier with an example, let you be the owner of an virtual event management company, and you don’t have sufficient funds to run the event successfully, or you want to conduct an extensive event but because of revenue, you are not able to make it so. At this point, some other company is ready to help you out with funds but in exchange for providing funds, that company needs to promote its product at the event. 

Types of sponsorship

Depending on the needs of virtual event organizers, there are multiple types of sponsorship that can help you with your upcoming event.


Financial Sponsorship:

In this type of sponsorship cash is exchanged for the benefits, perks, and publicity.

In-Kind Sponsorship:

In this type of sponsorship, goods and services are exchanged instead of funds between the event organizer and the sponsor. It Comes in the below-mentioned forms

A venue partner 

A prize sponsor

A food sponsor

A digital sponsor 


Media Event:  

In this type of sponsorship, free marketing opportunities are provided by the media outlets of the brands to the organizers, for their promotion, and sometimes they provide funds also for the advertisements.

Promotional partners:

These are the sponsors which help organizers individually in their way. Influencers help an organizer to boost the event by promoting an event on their social media platforms.

How to choose sponsors for your event? 

Unlike physical events, virtual events provide flexibility in promotions, which leads to an increased number of potential sponsors. For choosing the right sponsors for your virtual event, it is necessary to understand the goals of your event. What are your expectations from the sponsors?, and how will the audience of the brand be beneficial for you in your event? Once you have a clear understanding regarding the audiences of the brand offering promotion to you, then you can go ahead with them with your visions and ideas about the event.


How to build a virtual sponsorship package?

The main thing in a sponsorship package includes aligning yourself(virtual event organizers)with the goal of the sponsor. When choosing sponsors for your event, it becomes very necessary to engage directly with the sponsor on the matter related to investment, return on investment made, and profit margin. The sponsorship package should be selected carefully so that it meets your goals and expectations.


Ideas to get Virtual Event Sponsorship: 


Use your virtual environment:

 Virtual environments provide more sponsorship opportunities to the virtual event than physical events. As the virtual environment fascinates a wider number of audiences with its graphics, effects, sound, etc. A virtual environment creates a technology-generated environment where attendees can have immersive experiences of connecting with others. For extensive events, using virtual environments for getting sponsors can be a good idea, as it offers chances of engagement to maximum audiences.

Placing Logo on the Virtual Event Platform: Usually,

sponsors want to attract the attention of the maximum audience, and keeping a visible logo of the sponsor on the wall home screen of the event can attract the attendees. Along with the brand logo, a message can be placed anywhere on the background wall of the event. This will lead to brand awareness and will increase the click rate for the brand.


Sponsored Gift:

Everybody likes gifts! In between the events sponsors can send gifts to the attendees of the event. Gifts displaying the brand of the sponsor can create a magic touch.

Sending gifts to the attendees of the event can work as a wonder for promoting the brand. Providing sponsored gifts to your virtual audience will help you in more registration with a larger brand reach.

Sponsored Sessions:

This is another effective type of virtual event sponsorship, where a sponsor can underwrite speakers or influencers to make a live interaction session with the attendees, turning up the energy or engagement level of attendees to the next level.

Sponsored theme: 

Theme is another idea for sponsors, they could be enlisted to provide some theme or messages on your virtual event page. Audience engagement tools like quizzes, games, and Q&A sessions should be based on the themes of sponsors. It will make attendees aware of the brand while enjoying the event. A theme should be relevant for both the organizers and the sponsors.  

Agenda highlight:

While displaying the agendas of the event on the screen of your virtual event, offer sponsors to put ads or logos of their brand in between the agenda for higher visibility.

Happy hour:

So what if it is a virtual event, ask your sponsors to provide happy hours to your attendees in networking rooms. Sponsors can surprise attendees by providing the opportunities to win some sort of prize, it may be a refreshment.  

Email marketing:

Allow sponsors to send an email containing information about the event highlighting brand-related queries to the attendees of the event. It will build a direct link between the attendees and the sponsors and may lead a vehicle about the information regarding the brand to sponsor.

Finding sponsors for the virtual event is a crucial part of event planning. Sometimes it becomes a tedious task to find sponsors for the virtual event. Selecting a suitable sponsor for virtual events is like earning an opportunity to build the castle of your dreams. In this blog, we have provided all the information related to sponsorship. 

We have tried incorporating all the ideas that will be beneficial for virtual event organizers looking for sponsors …

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