What Material To Use To Make A Scarf?

In winter, choosing a mermaid silk scarf can be a good choice. But be careful because 100% wool can scratch the most sensitive skin and cause redness and discomfort. At this time, opt for a silk or cotton scarf that will bring you warmth and softness.

Synthetic materials unfortunately tend not to protect against the cold and to make you sweat unnecessarily. Silk has very good specific qualities that will ideally protect you from the cold, wild silk even more, remember to choose a large enough scarf.

In summer, the small squares of silk will protect you from the intense heat and the sun’s rays while guaranteeing you to stay cool, it is the same for cotton and linen. A chèche is a scarf perfect in summer. Choose your scarf according to the occasion.

How To Choose The Color Of Your Scarf?

A casual urban look you can also consider choosing a printed scarf or plain  scarf. In real cotton as a very good choice, it will protect you ideally and give you a very fashionable style. For great occasions, the stole will be the most beautiful way for women to be elegant.

For men as for women, the small silk square is the absolute charm and the look of excellence. ! All the variations of natural or wild silk scarves will adapt to all occasions. Prefer a model with patterns rather than plains, the print or the striped weaving. For example gives much more style than a plain which has tends to be a little bland, even a little old-fashioned.

You are now sufficiently informed to find the scarf of your dreams. Cotton, natural silk, wild or linen will be the materials you have understood that will bring you the most satisfaction because of their softness and their warmth, their quality and their beauty. You can also choose a nice cashmere wool shawl .

Choose Scarf Size

After having seen together which scarf to give to a woman, here are the tips for giving a scarf for men as a gift. Depending on his age and his style you will orient yourself towards this or that model. History of cuts, styles, materials and tastes, with a scarf you are guaranteed a successful, timeless gift.

Which scarf for a 20 year old man? When you’re 20 you like to wear pretty trendy scarves like keffiyeh or chèche, you know this crumpled cotton scarf which gives a very casual look.

So give a 20-year-old young man a beautiful cotton scarf with pretty patterns, it’s always more stylish than plain ones, which are a little bland.

What scarf for a 30-year-old man? For a man in his thirties, you can orient your gift towards a lambswool wool scarf or a rectangle-shaped silk scarf. Wild silk will be particularly appreciated for a man of this age, both modern and elegant.

Other men who like more sportswear looks will be more attracted to cotton scarves. It all depends on the style, at this age, it can vary. What scarf for a 40-year-old man? A man in his forties will wear fine silk, Indian silk for example, very well. For men who have an elegant, dandy style, a silk square will be just perfect.

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