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What is the Best Outdoor Pizza Oven?

All pizza ovens are not the same; they vary greatly in terms of the quality, features, enhancements and individual pizza-making requirements. Out of the many pizza ovens available, from commercial pizza ovens and wood fire ovens to gas and charcoal pizza ovens, bakers have a wide variety of pizza types to choose from for their patio or outdoor fine dining experience. Outdoor pizza ovens can free stand or built-in and are mainly powered by gas, charcoal or wood instead of electricity. These ovens are only made for outdoor cooking and are typically referred to as a cooking chamber due to their dome-like appearance. Though they may be outdoor, these ovens can be quite powerful, reaching scorching temperatures as high as over 427 degrees Celsius. The high temperatures allow for an evenly baked, crisp crust pizza.

There are different types of outdoor pizza ovens you can select for your eatery. This article will go over some of the best outdoor pizza ovens you can consider buying for delicious, restaurant-style pizzas!

Commercial Pizza Oven

While most outdoor pizza ovens can contribute to bulk production concerns. Where you can merely make more than two pizzas according to your oven size, commercial ovens, on the other hand, are designed for large-scale production and saving money. These pizza ovens come with a top and bottom burner installed in it, giving you an even, fine and crisp bake every time!

Wood Fire Oven

Close-up Photo of Pizza Near Bonfire

Woodfire ovens known as the best outdoor oven and mainly prefer for outdoor uses only. Woodfire ovens also known as clay brick wood ovens and fuel by real wood. These ovens can be quite powerful as it generates a lot of heat and are absolutely perfect for Neapolitan pizza.

To use this oven, you will need to start your oven early, approximately 2-3 hours before use. Once the oven heats up, your pizza should hardly take a good 5 minutes at maximum for the cheese to melt and the dough to cook through. Woodfire ovens can cook faster, giving you delicious, and piping hot pizza. Not to mention, it also saves time and electricity. It also has a good taste and smell also good.

Portable Pizza Oven

These ovens made of metal and very easy to use, especially with all the features it has. A portable pizza oven usually comes with a stone baking board or wooden pellet. The maximum temperature of a portable pizza oven is 930° Fahrenheit and 500 °c.

As the oven heats up, the flames disperse around the oven, heating the stone board and cooking the pizza within minutes. Since your pizza will be cooking on the stone board, you have to make sure that the board is hot enough, so the bottom of your pizza cooks properly and perfectly. Portable pizza ovens can place anywhere because it’s lightweight and portable, of course!

These ovens are totally worth buying to enhance your outdoor pizza eatery ambience. Select one that fits your budget and pizza making requisites, and get on to having the best, freshly baked pizza!

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