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3 Tools For Visual Communication Of The Commercial Facade

Commercial Facade

The facade of an establishment is fundamental for its visual communication, as it is the first physical element that people know about the business. It is through the facade that anyone passing through the place, whether by car, on foot, or on public transport, can become a potential customer. Entrepreneurs need to keep in mind that a beautiful, functional, and pleasant environment is capable of favouring good performance at work for local employees. At the same time, it also favours shopping, influencing consumer behaviour.

Specifically, with regard to the facade, it is essential that it establishes effective communication with its target audience, serving as a support element for sales. For this, it must be designed to communicate everything that the store has the potential to offer. Some tools used for this are the facades in ACM, backlight totems, and even the use of banners.

1. Facades in ACM

The ACM façade, also known as composite aluminium, is made up of three sheets, one of which is made of polyethene between two made of aluminium.

The material is resistant and moldable, being widely applied for the formation of commercial facades, together with other elements. Therefore, among the benefits of its application on facades, it is possible to mention:

  • Properties that increase the soundproofing of the property;
  • Flexible material, which allows for easy bending and moulding;
  • Resistance against bad weather: solar incidence and rain;
  • Possibility of creating facades in different shapes, colours, and angles;
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Regarding the cleaning of the ACM façade, it must be done with water, soap and avoid the use of abrasive products or utensils. This helps to prevent the appearance of scratches, which cause the surface to lose its shine.

A tip is to suggest, during the project design, the execution in a way that allows the rainwater to contribute to the cleaning of the façade. Thus, the proper orientation of the water prevents it from falling onto the panels, causing stains.

2. Backlit Totem

The backlit totem is a visual communication element used by commercial establishments and together with the façade. It consists of a metallic structure that contains an electrical installation for lighting and is covered by a translucent canvas with the printed advertisement.

Among the advantages of using this type of element, it is worth highlighting the small area it occupies, being light and easy to move. Therefore, its installation results in optimal use of areas for visual communication.

The totem remains legible and attractive at night, even in dimly lit places. Exhibited outdoors, they are easily found in public squares, bus stops, as well as commercial and business establishments. They can also be used inside the business premises, as an element for advertising, presentation of products and services, or even acting in the composition of environments.

In addition to fulfilling the functions of signage in a modern and effective way, the luminous advertising panel also serves to inform customers, with disclosure of events, movie posters, or even panels with menus. In this sense, one idea is the installation of interactive totems.

With common monitors or touch screens, the establishment establishes an effective, current, and creative communication with the client, generating strong brand fixation.

3.      Banners

The use of the banner at the point of sale is quite beneficial due to the affordable cost of the material and the possibility of customization, according to the needs of the trade. With so many possibilities, one idea is for entrepreneurs to invest in a metallic structure for the installation of banners.

They can print promotional banners with different designs, follow the business calendar, seasonal offers, or even funny phrases that catch customers’ attention. It is also possible to make a sign for the facade with banners or tarpaulins, although the durability and final finish of the installation may leave something to be desired.

If even so, this is the choice of the entrepreneur, some tips are: pay attention to the availability of information, give preference to high-quality images, and study the chosen colours in advance.

However, the use of banners is a very effective suggestion for the use of diversified arts, especially if they are in harmony with other elements of the commercial façade, such as the ACM installations and the backlight totem. In this way, it is possible to establish good communication with the customer, conveying a positive image of the enterprise and contributing to the increase in sales and brand positioning in the market.

If you wish to get these tools ready for your business, contact SignFreaks. SignFreaks is the best-known signage company in Chicago that offers manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of banners and ACMs.

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