V12 Engine Cars You Can Rent in 2022

V12-powered engine cars are not dying anytime sooner, and it would be a great idea to rent them in 2022. These super-fast cars can add to your riding adventure, making it more thrilling and adrenaline-pumping. Whether you are going for a ride out with your loved ones or a business meeting, renting these cars can give you a sense of class and comfort. Before we go into the perks and features of these powerful vehicles, let us first explore which V12 engine cars you can rent in 2022. This post will reveal a few of these cars. Keep reading to know more!

V12 Engine Cars for Rent:

Of all the super engines produced by luxury brands, V12 are the ones with higher horsepower and torque. These engines can show a performance of your expectations without any hitch. Taking these cars on rent is a stunning idea to make your ride adventurous and memorable. We have compiled a list of V12 engine cars you can rent in the coming year. Let us begin without any further delay!

1. Ferrari 812 GTS:

Ferrari 812 GTS
Ferrari 812 GTS

The name is not unfamiliar, and so is the performance of these cars. Ferrari 812 GTS comes with a super V12 engine, creating a horsepower of around 789. The open-air GTS 812 makes an astonishing noise when it is in full mood. Moreover, this model holds the coveted “Noise of the year award.”

Ferrari has just announced other V12 models like Monza and 812 Competizione, and they have hit the road already. Renting this supercar will certainly give you a touch of high-class and a luxurious ride. The car is here to stay even for the next year as it has yet to add more legacy to its name.

2. BMW 760i xDrive:

BMW 760i xDrive
BMW 760i xDrive

The BMW family has been on a roll to add some extravagant models to the line, with V12-powered cars on top of the list. One such model is 760i xDrive which is the 7th series model. The model has a 6.6 Liter V12 engine which can produce a horsepower of 600bhp. If you are looking to rent a flagship V12 vehicle, this could be the best option.

The BMW 760i xDrive 7th series is a flagship V12-powered car that is best for cruising the road in some fine fashion. The rental companies can offer this car to you provided you comply with their set standards. The price tags on these cars are often what disheartens us since not everyone affords to purchase these cars. What about renting one? It sounds affordable! It would be best to contact luxury car rental Dubai and rent a luxury car for a thrilling ride!

3. Aston Martin DB11:

Aston Martin DB11 - V12 Engine Cars
Aston Martin DB11

Another model on the list is the Aston Martin DB11 which can cater to your rental needs. The car might not be as powerful as its predecessor, but it is a powerful luxurious thing all the same. The car possesses a 5.2 Liter V12 engine with as much power and torque as you had expected.

Apart from DBS and BD11, Astin also gives you two other V12 engine cars to enjoy your ride. These are the speedster and Valkyrie. Both these cars are limited edition, and you should apply for them as soon as possible. Since more and more customers will seek car rental services, ensure the car is not rented out before you get there.

4. Lamborghini Aventador S:

Lamborghini Aventador S
Lamborghini Aventador S

You have no reason not to trust the V12 engine of a Lamborghini by testing with its highest speed. Aventador S is a poster model with a V12 engine that can maximize the fun and thrill of your ride. The naturally-aspirated V12 engine of a Lambo Aventador S is a 6.5 Liter engine, producing a horsepower of 700bhp.

Aventador has always been on top of the list of adventurous riders, and it will stay the same even in 2022. You should consider renting it for your next ride out with your buddies. Consider contacting rent Lamborghini Dubai companies to rent this model out to add to your ride!

5. Mercedes-Maybach S-Class:

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class - V12 Engine Cars
Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

The new super-luxe Maybach model in Mercedes will stick to a V12 engine in the S-Class. The 12 cylinders are coming for the first time in this class, with G-Class and SL on a roll. Most riders might not have paid attention to this model for a V12 engine since it was behind the curtains for quite some time.

With its revelation, this car can have a central position on the list for luxury riders. Rental companies will also bring this model to the show to advertise it and let the users experience its class and comfort. It would be best to consider renting this model this year and the next year since the comfort and performance levels will never disappoint you.

Enjoy a thrilling ride in a V12-powered car!

A luxury car with a V12 engine can give you a thrilling ride with extraordinary engine performance. You have all the reasons to trust these models at every speed you want. Consider renting these cars from reliable rental companies.

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